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Advanced Pricing - Price Rule Overrides revert to rule data is updated

We recently upgraded to QB Enterprise for Manufacturing Silver Tier to allow access to the advanced pricing capabilities. Our products are listed at MSRP and our wholesale customers buy at a discount off of the MSRP based on their annual volume with us. We have 5 different pricing levels so I set up price rules accordingly.  It worked beautifully and saved hours on order entry.  Unfortunately, we quickly discovered a HUGE issue.


We often have to override a price on sales orders because the customer either wants to customize the product or we need to send a replacement product at zero charge to the customer.  QuickBooks lets us override the price rule on the sales order and save it.  HOWEVER, if you go back into the order form later to edit a field such as Sales Order Date, Batch Number, etc, the overridden prices recalculate based on the sales rule.


QuickBooks does give you a pop up letting you know that the change will  cause a price recalculation but it does not give you the option to say "No, do not recalculate".  Is there a setting that will prevent QB from recalculating the price rule after in has been saved?

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QuickBooks Team

Advanced Pricing - Price Rule Overrides revert to rule data is updated

Thanks for reaching out to us today, @TCUUT.


At the moment, the option to set up price rule recalculation is unavailable. You might want to consider set up custom prices for a particular item. This way, you won't have to override the price rules.


To do this:

  1. On the Set Price Overrides window, click in the item's Custom Price column.

  2. Enter the price you want to charge for that item.

  3. (Optional) Enter custom prices for other items, if necessary.

  4. Hit OK.

Check out this guide for more information about using Advanced Pricing.


I've added this link here if you need help with other tasks in QBDT. It has topics with articles that'll guide you through process.


Keep me posted if you still have questions or concerns with price rules. I'm always here to help. Take care and have a good one.


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Advanced Pricing - Price Rule Overrides revert to rule data is updated

Thank you for the reply but this solution does not work. We have about 20,000 parts we manufacture which the customer could request a custom cut or drilling.  There is no way to know when these might happen or for which parts.  The override is not an issue because it is usually on only a few items on each order - if any.  


The issue is that QB is automatically recalculating the price if we have to go back into the sales order to change a header field. There is a pop-up warning when this happens but no option to keep current pricing.  


QB Warning.JPG


I have now had to turn off advanced pricing which was the entire reason I upgraded to Silver.  It would be great if they could use this pop up but add an option to "ignore".


Advanced Pricing - Price Rule Overrides revert to rule data is updated

Hello @TCUUT,


Thank you for letting us know you're able to find a way around with advanced pricing and rules while working with sales orders.


Since the option not to recalculate is not available, I'd recommend letting our product developer about this request by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Help.
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Click Product Suggestion.
  4. Under Product Area, select Setup & Preferences.
  5. Enter a few words describing your requests. Say A preference that'll allow us to ignore the pop-up message upon updating an item with pricing rules.
  6. Click Send Feedback.

Additionally, I've also included these articles for a compilation of the latest product and system updates:

If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know in the comments below. I'll be here to lend a hand.

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