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All sales screen - showing paid invoices at top

Periodically several invoices will show on my "all sales transactions" screen at the top - even though they're paid and I've sorted by status with open invoices at the top. Other paid transactions are at the bottom below the unpaid ones, as they should be. Specifically, these transactions were paid by credit card and have been processed and payments deposited. I can't figure out what I'm doing to make these show up on top again, disappear eventually, then show up again. Typically only the unpaid invoices show at the top and paid invoices below those, then open estimates below that.  I realize there is a filter option but I do want to see more than just invoices here, and when I filter for open items only, all I see are invoices. See screenshot showing what I'm referring to.

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All sales screen - showing paid invoices at top

It's nice to see you here today, @mbell19,


I can add a bit more about the All Sales tab in QuickBooks Online.


At the moment, the default view for the sales transactions in the All Sales tab is sorted by date. In your case, since the issue occurs intermittently, let's try checking if the issue is caused by the large data in your cache.


Have you tried switching to a private browser? If not, I suggest doing that first. The incognito window does not save your browsing history making it a good place to check for web data issues. Here are the keys you need to press to switch to private browsing:


Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N
Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
Internet Explorer: press Ctrl Shift P
Safari: press Command Shift N


If you no longer experience this odd behavior in the private window, you can continue doing your tasks in your QuickBooks Online account on a regular browser. You can switch back to the regular browser (Ctrl N) then clear your browser's cache. Here's an article to help you clear the cache: How do I clear the temporary Internet files and cache?


Please update me on how this goes, @mbell19. I'll be around if you need further assistance. Have a great day!

Level 3

All sales screen - showing paid invoices at top

I opened it up in a private browser and still have the same issue.  I just cleared my cache just a couple weeks ago when I was having a different QB online issue so the cache is not full.  If QB needs me to clear the cache that often then that is an issue QB needs to deal with. 


Bottom line, a private browsing window did not solve the issue.

QuickBooks Team

All sales screen - showing paid invoices at top

Hi there, mbell19.


Thanks for getting back to us. I'm here to guide you to the right support so you can get the help you need. 


I appreciate you for taking the time to follow the troubleshooting steps provided by my colleague Jen_D just to resolve this issue. Since the issue persists, I encourage you to get in touch with our Care Support Team. They have the tools to do a remote session and investigate this further. 


They can also create a new investigation about this issue and once it has been open, you’ll be receiving an email notification about the updates and progress of the investigation.


Here's how you can contact our live support: 

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Select Help (question mark icon) at the top right.
  3. Click Contact us to connect with a live support agent.

Please know that you're always welcome to post in QuickBooks Community if you have any other concerns. Have a great day ahead. 

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