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Errors in vendor names in workflows

Hi community, has anyone else seen this problem while using Workflows?

If I designate a particular branch of a workflow based upon the name of the vendor submitting the bill. If a vendor named X submits a bill, then a separate approval process applies vs. other vendors. I have in front of me (with screenshots) an example where the name of the vendor in the dropdown does not match the name in the list of Vendors (Expenditures/Vendors). The dropdown list of vendors in workflows contains the name X' (vendor name with a small difference), rather than the name X which is in the vendors list. To be clear, the name X' does not appear in the list of vendors. 

Example: "Robert C Smith" is a vendor in the vendor list. in workflows, the name "Robert C Smith" does not appear in the vendor name dropdown, but the name "Robert Smith" does appear in the dropdown. From a bill submitted in workflow today, it appears that the naming difference impacted the approval process (the bill for "Robert Smith" went through the wrong approval branch).

Case # 15114770322

Talked to tech support, said that the difference in names between X and X' did not matter (I am skeptical). Tech support refused to take screenshots showing the issue. So tech support does not want to resolve.

Has anyone else dealt with differences in a name between the Vendors list and the list of vendors in the workflows dropdown? Curious what your workaround was.



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QuickBooks Team

Errors in vendor names in workflows

I appreciate you reaching out to the Community, Steve.  


Before anything, please know this isn’t the experience we want you to have when using the program. Since the issue persists, I recommend contacting our customer care team for further investigation and determine the root cause of this issue. I’ll provide the steps below to get you going:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.  
  2. Go to Help (?).  
  3. Select Contact Us.  
  4. Enter your concern, then select Let’s talk.  
  5.  Choose a way to connect with us:  


  • Start a chat with a support expert. 
  • Get a call back from the next available expert.   


In addition, if you want to learn more on how to manage vendor reports accordingly, you can browse through this article: Run a report with vendor totals. 


If you have more QuickBooks-related questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply below. Our team is ready to help you 24/7. Take care, Steve. 

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Errors in vendor names in workflows

Thanks. I've already contacted the support team, but they did not seem to understand the problem. I can see that an approval was incorrectly assigned (Workflows / Run History / View). Ugh. I need a workaround. Can you please ensure that this post is not being throttled in the Community? Thank you.

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Errors in vendor names in workflows

Wild 2 1/2 hour convo with tech support ("Lucy") on a Saturday afternoon. Confirmed that the vendor list under Expenditures and the vendor dropdown in workflows were not the same. Turns out that the vendor list in workflows sometimes pulls from the list of Users (this programming error is consistent with what I saw -- I edited the name of a user -- added the middle initial to user "Robert Smith" -- and the name in the vendor dropdown in workflows changed from "Robert Smith" to "Robert C Smith"). Wild. (Somehow the online videos missed this feature.) The tech played around with creating new vendors, but we were unable to merge the old vendor into a new vendor since the old vendor was also a contractor (no explanation for why this should occur). No solution, case number [removed] escalated I was told.

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