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Quickbooks Desktop - find function

When you are in the find function on QB desktop - or you hit ctrl F - is there a way to customize the columns that are displayed here? Currently, date > type > num > name > memo > amount are displayed. Is there a way to add in columns that you want displayed here or is this a QB template that cannot be changed?

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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Desktop - find function

Hi there, SMI.


Welcome back to the QuickBooks Community. I'll be sharing details on how the Find page works in QuickBooks Desktop. Before that, please know that QuickBooks Online is constantly changing and evolving based largely on the requests of users. With that, I'll ensure you can send feedback so our product developers can consider adding the feature in the next updates.


You can always customize the sales forms and different reports in QuickBooks Desktop. However, adding columns that you want to be displayed on the Find function page isn't available. You can only customize the details in the date, type, num, name, memo, and amount. With this, I encourage you to submit feedback. These requests and suggestions are sent to the Product Development Team for consideration in future updates. To start with, you'll have to go to the Help icon and choose Send Feedback Online. 


I'm also adding the articles below so you'll be able to see the different details on how you can customize form templates and any report that you generate in QBDT.



I'll be around to help if you have any other questions about your concern. Just let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a nice day ahead.

Community Champion

Quickbooks Desktop - find function

You can't customize the columns directly, but once you have search results, you can click the Report button which will spawn a report using the same filters with the same results, and from there you can add or remove columns.

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