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Reconciling issue. The app won't allow me to enter a credit balance.

I'm trying to begin reconciling a credit card account.  I can't begin the process because during the initial setup screen, it's asking me to enter the ending balance.  During that month I accidentally paid the credit card bill twice, causing the ending balance to be a credit.  Quickbooks won't allow me to enter a negative number in the field.  Whenever I type the "-" minus sign, it switches to some kind of calculator.  I'm not sure how to proceed because I need to enter a negative number in order to reconcile this statement.

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QuickBooks Team

Reconciling issue. The app won't allow me to enter a credit balance.

Hi there, studiocrashinc. I am here to help you reconcile your credit card account and ensure its accuracy.

Reconciling your account in QuickBooks is crucial to maintaining accurate financial records. By reconciling your account, you ensure that your bank statements match your QuickBooks records. This helps you identify any discrepancies, errors, or even fraudulent activities. Additionally, reconciling your account can help you keep track of outstanding checks, deposits, and other transactions that may have needed to be included or deleted in your accounting entries. 


As a solution to the discrepancy in the ending balance caused by a duplicate transaction in your credit card bill, I suggest deleting one of the transactions to ensure the accuracy of your financial records and proceed to the reconciliation.

To delete duplicate transactions in the credit card in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you can follow these general steps: 


  1. Go to the Banking menu, select Bank Feeds, and then Bank Feeds Center.
  2. Select the account with the duplicate transactions.
  3. Review the transactions and identify the duplicates.
  4. Go to the Edit menu and select Delete Transaction to remove the duplicate entries.


Check out this article to know more about this process: Remove duplicate transactions in QuickBooks Desktop


Once done, you can start reconciling your account. For more detailed steps, please check out this article: Reconcile accounts in QuickBooks for Mac


I'm only a post away if you have other questions or concerns with managing your bank transactions. Have a great day!

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