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Restore failed: Can't remove log file

I am using QB Prem 2020 with latest updates.

I was testing inventory item import from Excel. Before I started I made a backup copy of my company file.

I now want to restore the company file but can't as I get a popup that the restore failed: can't remove log file.

I don't know what log file it is referring to and where it is.

During my import testing I got some log files created but I had deleted those manually. Not sure if the error has anything to do with it.

However, after I want to restore a company file it should not matter if there is a log file or not. It just should ignore it and finish the restore.

Any idea where I can log for the log file?


QuickBooks Team

Restore failed: Can't remove log file

Hi there, @gerdgoebel.


Thank you for providing us the complete details of what happens when backing up the file in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Here are the following reasons why you're getting the error:


  • There are special characters included in the company file name.
  • Was restored over an existing company file and made in a newer version
  • The file you are trying to restore isn't an actual backup file.
  • Restored from USB flash drive to a network drive
  • The file is compromised.
  • Backup should be no less than 6MB (6MB = 6,000KB). Please right-click the file, then choose Properties


The actual reason for this error might be difficult to identify. That's why we'll need to follow the step by step suggested resolutions below to resolve the problem. 


First, let's locate the file to check if there's a special character. Please right-click the name, then hit Rename and modify it. 


Next, make sure that the file name is unique and saved it to a separate folder. 


For more information about the process, visit this article: Get help with Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed


If the issue persists, I'd suggest restoring a different copy of your backup file. Make sure that the file is already on the local hard drive. If not yet, you can visit this article for detailed steps on how to transfer the file: Move your company files to another computer.


Once done, you can now restore the file by following the steps below:


  1. Go to the File menu, then choose Open or Restore Company.
  2. Select Restore a backup copy, then Next.
  3. Pick Local Backup and tap Next
  4. Browse your company file (Your company name].qbb. ), then save the file to a new folder, and hit Open
  5. Click Save

For the detailed steps, check out this article: Restore a backup of your company file. 


I've also attached handy articles about creating an automatic backup and managing your backup in QBDT: 


Let me know if you have follow-up questions. I'm always here to help. 

Level 2

Restore failed: Can't remove log file

None of the above reasons applied to my company file. A verify/rebuild did not show any errors either.

To continue working I just deleted the company file and restored it with the same name. This worked. I had a current backup, thus, did not loose any work.

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