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Square Import

I use the QuickBooks Self-employed App and want to import the data and sync the data from my Iphone to my Desktop 2018 Pro QB data base.  I am over 70 years old and have to admit that I am slow to grasp the integration of different platforms and software very well. Who ever responds, if it is even possible, will need to send step by step instructions.  That is what happens when you get old.  What was easy once is slow to return.

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QuickBooks Team

Square Import

It's good to see you around, KD71! I'm glad that even at your age, you still use QuickBooks for your business.


QuickBooks Desktop is a double-entry bookkeeping program and has registers while the QuickBooks Self-Employed is not and it has no registers. For these reasons, we're unable to do an integration with these programs.


If you'd like to load up your transactions into QuickBooks Desktop, you can connect your bank account to download them. Or, you can download them from your bank in a Web Connect file (.QBO format) and upload them to QuickBooks. Here's an article with steps to upload your bank transactions: Import web connect (.qbo) files.


Please continue to post here if you have other questions.

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