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(the "save check number" button does not work

Does anyone know the answer to this?  I had no problem with the check numbers "auto-adding"  up until 3 weeks ago.  We have 20 employees and it certainly adds an additional step when the program will not automatically add the check numbers.  Anyone have any ideas since it will be practically impossible to get help through QB support......with the virus down staffing.  Greatly appreciate anyone's input!!

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QuickBooks Team

(the "save check number" button does not work

Good day, Hound.


Creating a paycheck in Intuit Online Payroll is so simple. With Intuit Online Payroll, we only have two options when creating a paper check. It's either we'll have to manually enter a check number or not to enter a check number at all. Unlike for direct deposit checks, it won't ask you to enter a check since it'll be credited automatically on the employee's bank account. 



You can go to the Setup tab and select General. You can check the Enter Check Numbers tick-box so that it'll ask you to enter a check number when running payroll. If you'll uncheck it, it won't ask you to enter one.


I have an article here if you need to view and print payroll reports.


You can leave a comment below if you have more clarifications. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

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(the "save check number" button does not work

I am having the same issue.  The box is checked under Settings/General.  It had always been checked, but stopped several weeks back.  I can't enter a check number for manually printed checks.  It seems to be a program issue.  Please correct or advise.


Thanks - Jennifer

QuickBooks Team

(the "save check number" button does not work

I want to make sure you're able to save the check numbers, @Champion.


As an initial troubleshooting step, I recommend clearing the browser cache. The cache is in place to make loading web pages quicker and easier. 


If it becomes too full of data, it can have an adverse effect and create viewing and performance errors in the system. Clearing the cache will force a refresh and getting everything back up and running smoothly. 


Here's how you'd get this done in Chrome for instance:


1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

2. Select More Tools, then Clear Browsing Data.

3. Change the Time range to All Time.

4. Only check Cached images and files.

5. Click Clear data.


The following article provides similar steps if you're using a different browser: How do I clear my browser cache and temporary Internet files?


If this didn't resolve the issue, I recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks Online Support Team. Agents have specialized tools, like screen-sharing, that will allow them to take a close look to determine what's causing the issue with the check numbers button.


You're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns in QuickBooks. Stay safe always.





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