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Time it takes to move from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online

I just moved my QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop to QuickBooks online. I went though the steps and when it had gotten my file it said it would send me an email when it was done uploading to QuickBooks Online. How long does this usually take? It finished getting the file over an hour ago. 

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
Note: If you use advanced features (such as advanced reporting and advanced inventory), we recommend starting fresh because some of your data won't move to QuickBooks Online. If you want to keep using these features in Enterprise, learn about cloud-enabled QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Sign in as an admin to the desktop company file you want to move.
On your keyboard, press Ctrl + 1 to open the Product Information window.
Press Ctrl + B + Q, then select OK to display the export window.
On the export window, select Get started.
Sign in as an admin to your QuickBooks Online company.
Select Choose online company, then select the QuickBooks Online company you want to replace with your company file.
Select Continue.
If you track inventory in QuickBooks Desktop:
Select Yes to bring them over, then specify the as of date.
Select No if you want to set up new items later in QuickBooks Online.
Enter “Agree” in the text field, then select Replace.
Select Yes, go ahead and replace the data, then select Replace.
Step 3: Get ready to use QuickBooks Online
Check out What to do after converting from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac to QuickBooks Online.

With your company all set up, let's get you started with QuickBooks Online.

Connect your bank or credit card account.
Create and send invoices to your customer.
Note: If you track sales tax, set up location-based sales tax in QuickBooks first.
Track your bills and learn how to pay them in QuickBooks.
If you use payroll, check out this guide to set up and run your payroll in QuickBooks Online. Note: To view the guide, you'll need to sign in to QuickBooks Online.

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QuickBooks Team

Time it takes to move from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online

Hi there, @sarahyoungabip.


I'm here to shed some light on migrating files from Quickbooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. 


Depending on the number of your files, data migration may take some time.



Verify Data self-identifies the most common data issues within a corporate file, whereas Rebuild Data self-resolves the common data integrity concerns found by Verify Data.


Here's how to verify the data:


  1. Select Window and then Close All.
  2. Check the information. Choose File and then Utilities. Select Data Confirmation.


Furthermore, Select Rebuild Now if QuickBooks detects a problem with your company file. Check this article for the detailed instruction: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file


I'm adding this article for information: Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online.


In addition, You may notice differences in the appearance of your books when switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Visit this link for your reference: Learn how features and data move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


Please know that you're always welcome to post again if you have any other concerns about converting your data. I'm always here to help. Wishing you and your business continued success. 

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Time it takes to move from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online


Open your file on QB Desktop and hit CTRL key and 1 key. How big are your Total Targets?

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