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trucking buisness

I just signed up, very confused, We have a trucking company {just my husband} he does'nt get paid by invoice its by loads, I can't figure out how to bypass the invoices and just log checks he recieves

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trucking buisness

Welcome to QuickBooks Online, @Kimp22. I'll share some information about the difference between an invoice and a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.

When a consumer agrees to pay you later, you send them an invoice. You can establish terms to tell the customer how long they have to pay. Their invoice will be considered late if they do not pay within the given time frame. While your customer pays you for goods or services on the spot, you issue a sales receipt.


You can check this article for additional information about the invoice and sales receipt.


I'll provide these links that will guide you how to create an invoice and how to record invoice payments in QBO.


Create invoices in QuickBooks Online.
Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online.


I want to make sure everything is working well. Let me know when you want any thing else, by leaving a message below.

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trucking buisness

Just logging the checks is not going to do it, if like most truckers expenses are taken out of the gross amount and the check represents the net amount.

To be honest dedicated truckers software is much easier to use and better suited for your situation.


But if you want to try it
Create an expense account for each kind of expense he incurs
Create a service type item named for the expense account and linked to it


Use a sales receipt
line one - list the income item and the gross amount
line two thru XX use the expense item, set the qty to negative one, and enter the amount

then save and use make deposits to deposit it in the bank
download banking and match or reconcile when the statement comes in

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