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Use of Location Field in Payroll

Major issue identified, and as far as I can tell there is no solution:


1.  Location field is used in header field of transaction records, and is used on balance sheet reports. 


2. QBO Payroll and QBO BIll Pay do not allow location field to be added. 


3. QBO Payroll and QBO Bill Pay use Accounts Payable to clear the transaction.  No location field allowed even though A/P is a balance sheet account. 


4.  QBO Payroll and QBO Bill Pay send transactions to QB accounting, and lock the transactions sent from Payroll/Bill Pay, cannot edit the transaction in QB accounting to add the location field to the payroll or bill record. 


Therefore, anyone using the location field cannot use QBO Payroll or QBO Bill Pay.  


I would love to be corrected if I have missed something. 


Dan Kennicutt


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Use of Location Field in Payroll

Location in Payroll is far different than Location tracking (similar to CLass tracking) as it means the physical location where worked and paid from and may or may not result in different taxes being imposed. You set up default and optional work locations in each employee detail.


In timesheet entry or sync from TSheets Locations are equal to Customers:Jobs 


Certainly if Class is used in payroll the Class will appear in P&L by Class (Balance SHeet by CLass is allowed in QBO but is rarely correct)

And both Class and Location can be used in entering vendor Bills. Therefore I would think that if Location is recorded for an employee or on a bill then that would in no way prevent the use of QBO Payroll or Bill Pay

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