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Vendor Deposits old check

I wrote a check to a vendor 4 years ago.  Several months after I wrote it they had claimed to never have received it.  So I voided that check and wrote a new one.  4 years later they "found" the check and my stupid bank cashed it.   The vendor is sending me a refund but how do I enter the voided check that was cashed so I can do my reconciliation?

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QuickBooks Team

Vendor Deposits old check

Hi there, @mkruse.


Thank you for the detailed information, let me share a workaround on how to record voided check.


Here's how:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click New.
  2. Under Vendors, select Check.
  3. The following fields must be completed like the Bank Account, Check #, Payment date, and Account (the other fields are optional).
  4. Select More and Void.
  5. When "Are you sure you want to void this?" prompts, select Yes.

If you also want to know how to void a check that was already recorded or delete a check, you may check this article: How to void or delete a check in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to leave your additional question in the comment section. I'll be happy to assist you further.

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Vendor Deposits old check

I am not finding a New on my home page?


Vendor Deposits old check

Thanks for your prompt response, @mkruse.


The steps provided by my colleague is for QuickBooks Online on how to create checks.


Let's record the refund for the voided check in QuickBooks Desktop. Here the steps to follow:


Firstly, record a Deposit of the vendor check:

  1. Go to the Banking menu, then select Make Deposits.
  2. If the Payments to Deposit window appears, select OK.
  3. In the Make Deposits window, select the Received from drop-down and choose the vendor who sent you the refund.
  4. In the From Account drop-down, select the appropriate Accounts Payable account.
  5. In the Amount column, enter the actual amount of the Vendor check.
  6. Enter the remaining information in the Deposit.
  7. Select Save & Close.

Next is to record a Bill Credit for the amount of the Vendor Check:

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, then select Enter Bills.
  2. Select the Credit radio button to account for the return of goods.
  3. Enter the Vendor name.
  4. Select the Expenses tab and enter the Accounts you would use for refunds. If you are not sure which account to select, I recommend contacting your accounting professional.
  5. In the Amount column, enter the appropriate amount for each account.
  6. Select Save & Close.

Then make sure to link the Deposit to the Bill Credit:

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, then select Pay Bills.
  2. Check the Deposit that matches the Vendor check amount.
  3. Select Set Credits and apply the Bill Credit you created earlier, then select Done.
  4. Select Pay Selected Bills, then select Done.


You can then reconcile the entries and reference this article for the detailed steps: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Desktop. It includes the actions on how to review your reconciliation.


I'll stay here for a while and wait for your response if you have additional questions. I can help you anytime. Take care!

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Vendor Deposits old check

I followed the instructions.  However when I go back into finish my reconciliation, the deposit shows but there is not check/payment to post against?



Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Vendor Deposits old check

Hey there, @mkruse


Thanks for following up with us and following the steps provided by my colleague above. 


I recommend reaching out to your accountant. Your accountant can check over the deposit details to ensure that the check/payment is tied to it.  Your accountant can also review your reconciliation and inform you what is correct and what is not. If you don't have an accountant, don't sweat it. You can find one here in our Resource Center


Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. You can always reach out to the Community. We're here for you. Take care! 



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