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ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

When I try to receive payment from a customer using an echeck with Quickbooks Online, the transaction fails immediately with the message "The transaction was declined because the bank account is incorrect, or there is a security concern".  It shows up on the Quickbooks Payments transaction report as Status:Declined and Response:Transaction Declined.  I know the routing and account numbers are correct because we've processed payments before.  I've also tried using a completely different account owned by the same customer and the error is the same.  The customer says that his bank never even saw the attempt.  Please help!

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ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

Let me route you to the correct support, austin_strings.


When it comes to payments, I'd recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks Payments Support team. This way, our agents there can verify what causes the transaction to be declined.


You can view their contact details through this link: QuickBooks Payments. Just a heads up, our QuickBooks Payments support agents are open every Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM PST.


I've also added this reference for more information about processing eChecks: Accept ACH payments and eChecks.


I'll be around if ever there's anything that I can help. Stay safe!

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ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

Did you ever get this figured out?  I have the same thing happening. 


I know it's not the bank, because I have an account there, and setup myself as a customer to test, and I can successfully accept ACH Echeck payments from my personal checking account, but a customer's account fails. 


I spent 4 hours on the phone with support (the contact details link from Adrian_A's post takes you to a team that claims they cannot help.  They told me to call the number on the back of my quickbooks debit card, which is a journey that I'd rather not explain, but I took the journey.  That person then redirected back to a different phone number, where I eventually hit merchant services after navigating the phone tree). 


I'd suggest going to Merchant Services first, although they also claim that they cannot help.  Told me that there is a mysterious (and apparently uncontrollable) algorithm that flags some accounts, and if it's flagged, then I should wait "at least 2 weeks" before I try using that account again.  There's apparently no way to override this according to the rep that I talked to, which seems absurd because if my AMEX has a transaction that they think is fraudulent, I get an immediate text, to which I can reply and say "yes this is me" and it'll go through.


New to the quickbooks world, but I've been around software for a very long time.  The hoops and hurdles for support are unreal, the error messages are unactionable as an end user, as for this particular situation the lack of a believable answer to something that obviously isn't a "mysterious algorithm that sporadically flags things with no possible corrective action" is an interesting way to try to close a support case.

QuickBooks Team

ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

Welcome to the Community, dw886.


This isn't the kind of impression I'd like you to have with QuickBooks Online and support. If you want to provide feedback to make the program better, you can definitely do it within your QuickBooks Online company file.


Here's how:


  1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
  2. then click Feedback.
  3. Enter your comments or product suggestions.
  4. Then select Next to submit feedback.


Your valuable feedback goes to our Product Development team to help improve your experience in QBO. You can track feature requests through the QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website.


Get back to me if I can be of more help with your journey in QuickBooks. I'm just a post away.

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ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

I am experiencing the same issue.  I have tried to process payments for 3 separate clients.  I am getting the following error:

transaction was declined because the bank account is incorrect, or there is a security concern.


Strange enough, I have 2 separate QBs accounts (in the process of dissolving my other entity).  I have these same clients on my other QB account.  Because of the nature of one of their services (Tax Returns) I was able to process payments on these same clients.  Been trying to process their payments for their monthly accounting but QB has declined payment for all  3 clients.  

I have been waiting on the chat for an hour and half.  No response.  I can't get anyone on the phone.  I am very disappointed in the service.  

QuickBooks Team

ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

This isn't the kind of experience we want you to have when processing payments in QuickBooks Online (QBO), lmonk1.


I'm here to help you process your payment successfully.


Trying a few basic troubleshooting steps can help resolve the error, using a private browser or incognito window to help eliminate any error that can be occurring in the system. Here's how depending on your session: 

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Internet Explorer/Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Shift N

If this works, go back to your regular session and clear your browser's history. If it doesn't work, then I recommend trying a different supported browser. 


If the error persists, I'd recommend contacting our Payments Support Team. They have the tools to verify your account and check further what has caused the error.


You may also consider visiting our reference page to check out any similar articles for your future tasks: Help Articles.


I'll be waiting here for your response if still have questions with payment concerns. Have a great day!


Level 2

ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

Same problem. Spent hours on the phone with support and hit 3 different teams that all deflected to another team. The payments team was the second team, and they eventually punted me to someone else. It's not a browser issue, if I go into the payment section of my merchant account, I can see that they're being declined by however the ACH transaction is process. It's a joke that this software cannot even process a check payment reliably. I've setup 3 accounts, all from the same bank, and the only one that works is my own personal account. So this business software will basically only process payments from me to myself, and not from my customers. Completely unreliable, and without any error messages, there's zero chance you can track this down on your own. I'm beyond frustrated with it. I'm assuming they'd rather have you run a credit card so you're paying 3% per transaction instead of 1%, and they're working to use this frustration to force you to pay triple the processing rate. 

Level 1

ACH Echeck transaction rejected immediately

I was told two days ago by Customer Support that the issue was with the customer's bank. Okay, the account was fairly new, customer checked with bank, which says nope, no hold, no reason at all why the account can't be used for an e-check (the bank even knew exactly how much was being paid). The customer and I tried again today and the payment was declined by (1) QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 Receive Payments; (2) QB email invoice View& Pay Invoice; and (3) logging in to Merchant Services online. Today - via phone and email - I was once again told by Customer Support that our customer has to coordinate with her bank to get "permission" to pay us by e-check. The customer's bank? Bank of America. (and yes, "why don't you try a credit card?")

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