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Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

Using 2020 Premier Contractor Edition (DESKTOP)


I have had this happen a couple times and cannot figure it out.


When I pay multiple invoices for a vendor, the check total is coming out wrong.  In the most recent occurrence, I paid two invoices. I noticed in QBDT that this vendor has a credit balance.  I looked in QB, I  looked at the check stub we retained, and the original amount, balance due, and payment made are all correct. NO credits were available, NO credits were used. 


How can this be?  I can make an entry to fix it - that's no problem.  I just don't understand how this happens.  I had this happen one other time.


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Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

Let's find out where the credit balance is coming from, pjmitchell55.


A credit balance will show up if there's an overpayment made when you pay bills. You can open all bill payments through the vendor's profile.


Then, check if there's a vendor credit created. Here's how:


  1. Click Vendors at the top menu bar and choose Vendor Center.
  2. Select the vendor's name.
  3. Under the Transactions tab, choose Bill Payments.
  4. Find and open the bill payment from there.
  5. Double-click to open the transaction.
  6. If you need to delete it, simply click Delete from the bill payment screen.


You can also run the Verify and Rebuild Data utilities to check if there's an issue with the vendor's account. Check out this link for instructions and detailed steps: Learn how to fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


If the same issue persists, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Live Team. They can do screen sharing with you and check again the transactions of your vendors.


Let me know if you have additional questions by commenting below. I'll be right here to provide the information that you need.

Level 3

Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

I am not sure if my question was understood.  The check made came up $24.40 more than the invoices totaled up to.  (Two invoices). The stub clearly indicates the exact, correct amount for each invoices - the correct original amount,and the correct amount paid, but the total the check printed for was $24.40 more.  NO explanation, there is NO credit hidden - in fact, this vendor has very little activity. There is nothing wrong with my data.  In fact any time I have had an issue I have done the data verification and there has NEVER been anything found.  Ever.


The question still remains - why, when in bill paying, I clicked the invoices I wanted paid, and there were NO credits added, or even available, yet the check came out to high, creating that $24.40 credit balance.  As a simple example - If I click two invoices - one that is for $1.00, and one that is for $2.00, the check should NOT come out to $5.00.  

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

Good morning, @pjmitchell55.


It's great to see you back in the Community. Let me point you in the right direction to get this problem resolved. 


Since the issue is persisting, I suggest contacting our Customer Support Team so they can review your account on their end. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help menu. 
  2. Press the QuickBooks Desktop Help option. 
  3. Click the Contact Us button. 
  4. Give a brief description of the issue and hit Let's talk
  5. Scroll down and pick to Get a callback


It's that easy! 


Feel free to come back and let me know how the call went. I'm always here to lend a helping hand. Take care! 

Level 3

Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

I am sorry if this seems rude, but it has been my experience and others I know that in the past, the customer support team often is not much help.  I also do not have the luxury of doing involved phone calls. So I fixed it myself even though I am frustrated at not having an answer as to WHY this has happened twice, despite nothing coming up wrong with our data.  If and when I am home and have the time I can try to explore the matter further with Customer Support.

Level 1

Checks not totaling up invoices paid correctly

It's a quickbooks bug. If you enter a bill, and enter a discount, then enter another bill but do not enter a discount, then later use bill pay to pay both those bills, and for the second bill you enter a discount not on the invoice, but in the bill pay window, the bill stub will reflect both discounts, but the check will only reflect the discount you entered when you paid the bill. Hope that makes sense. Conclusion: you cannot mix and match how you enter discounts to pay bills. 

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