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Creating invoices

I have a customer who has already paid in 2018. He is now requesting an invoice for that payment. How can I go back and create an invoice without creating a new amount owed and without causing problems for that payment that is already in there? 

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Creating invoices

How was the initial sale recorded?  You  must have an invoice or sales receipt of some sort from when you received the money.  You can find that transaction and do a reprint.  

Level 1

Creating invoices

It was recorded as a deposit. The payment went through PayPal and the customer did not require an invoice. So there's nothing to "reprint." 


Creating invoices

Greeting, @cscivicque!


I'll be glad to inform you that you can send an invoice to your customer even when the payment is recorded in advance.


You'll have to create an invoice with the same details of the payment you've received, then send it to your customer. Just make sure to apply the deposited payment as a credit to the invoice.


Here's how:

  1. On the invoice created, go to Receive payment.
  2. Enter information as needed such as Payments date and Payment method.
  3. Go to the drop-down menu under Deposit to, choose the accounts.
  4. Under Outstanding transactions, select the invoice.
  5. On the Credits, choose the payment deposited by your customer.
  6. Click on Save and close.

No amount owed will be recorded and no accounts will be affected.


Feel free to read this article about customer's transactions: Apply a Credit Memo, Credit or Refund to a Customer.


You can always get back to us by leaving a comment below. It'll be our pleasure to help you.

Malcolm Ziman
Level 10

Creating invoices

@cscivicque wrote:

It was recorded as a deposit. 

Delete the deposit and create a Sales Receipt instead - where you select the bank account to where it was deposited, so the bank balance is not affected - and Save and Send it by email or print to snail mail.

You only use an Invoice when the sale date is different to the payment date i.e terms provided

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