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Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues

We are part of the Credit Card convenience fee beta currently ongoing - however have not been able to find any information with who to contact with any issues regarding beta features aside from QBO community.


-It appears that if we set up the convenience fee, then it will charge that convenience fee for ALL online payments, including ACH.  THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM, it should only be charging the convenience fee for credit card payments.  We have quite a few customers who pay via ACH, so until this issue is resolved, this update is functionally useless to us.


-The convenience fee does NOT appear to tie into your QB merchant services account at all?  It's the application of a flat % fee to all selected invoices that are paid through QBO Payments.  To give you an idea: our convenience fee defaults to 3%, however we are paying nearly 4% in QB merchant service fees - apparently the advertised 2.9% only applies to in-person swiped payments, which means that QB dev team didn't even know that QB Payments charges extra for online credit card payment.


I'm not even sure that I have a question here, I'm mostly just aggravated that this update does not do what we had asked for.  I also wish they had set up better information for customers selected for the beta and possibly that there was a way to elevate beta-specific feedback and issues.

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues

I hear you, @Aggravated_Accountant


Let me take note of the information you shared regarding the Credit Card Convenience Fee and send this to the appropriate department and team members. Since it is new and still under beta testing, no articles have been released yet.


Our Developers are gathering data from everyone who participated in the trial to check the performance and reliability of the new option. For concerns related to fees and is other functionalities, I recommend contacting our Merchant Services Team.


Click this link to get their most updated contact number: Our support is available from Monday to Friday, 5 AM to 7 PM PT and 6 AM to 4 PM PT on Saturdays.


I want to know how everything goes and if there's anything else you need. I'm right here to help. Wishing you success in everything that you do!


Level 2

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues

Dear KhimG,


Of the many clients I work with as a bookkeeper using QBO, I notice some of them have the option to turn on convenience fee on the invoice screen, and others don't have the option.  Can you speak to why that happens?

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues

Thanks for a quick reply, @elizabeth-sainz.


The reason why you're able to see the Convenience fee feature on your end because it hasn't completely rolled out yet to all QuickBooks Online (QBO) users. Rest assured, you'll get to experience this feature as soon as it'll be available to all.


In the meantime, you can manually add a convenience fee by creating a different line item. Here's a screenshot as an example:



You may refer to this blog for other recommendations on how to process credit card payments with low fees and how to manage them as well. 


For updates with the implementing this option, you can visit our QuickBooks Blog on What's New in January 2020.


Keep me posted if there's anything else you need. I'd be here to help you more. Take good care!

Level 1

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues

That is not a fix. Please add this for everyone to use. I need it desperately. 

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues



I know how imperative it is to add the convenience fee to your transactions. While we don't have a specific date as to when this feature will be rolled out, you can add the fee manually.


Please refer to the steps provided by @Michelle_b. You can also check this article about adding fees at this link here: Add service fees manually to invoices.


I'll be sharing with you this article about processing payments, which you might find helpful. It has steps on how to accept and take QuickBooks payments.


Please know that we aim to get those fees added as soon as possible. Stay in touch if you need help with anything else. We're here to help. Thanks for coming by and I wish you have a good day.

Teddy Elsen
Level 1

Credit Card Convenience Fee Beta Issues



This is easily managed with a Quickbooks add-on called Bill & Pay, you can automatically add a convenience fee to payments made by credit card while accepting ACH without any fee. 


It's $10/month for the add-on and $50 one time to turn on the convenience fee feature. To see it in action, or if you have specific questions you can reply here or reach me directly at telsenbaumer(at)axiapayments(dot)com

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