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How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?

@Curtisague  Welcome to the thread.


I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad experience, I can help take care of you.


Credit card refunds don't require a call to payments support, this action can be done from QuickBooks to keep your books in order.


Here are steps on how to process the refund: Refund a credit card payment in QuickBooks Online


Let me know if you have additional questions. Stay safe!

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How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?



I am on the same situation and QBO help has not been of help at all.


My supplier charged my credit card with 402.48 then refunded me on the same credit card with 0.07 since the bill was for 402.41.


I have two banking transactions, same BF supplier, done on the same credit card:

One for 402.48 SPENT

One for 0.07 RECEIVED


This is what I have done in QBO:


1. Created a bill for 402.41 for supplier BF

2. Made a payment of 402.48 on that bill of 402.41 - so that I can match it to the 402.48 from my banking downloaded transactions

2.a The payment of 402.48 was applied to the invoice but I got this message "This transaction will create an additional credit in the amount of $0.07", this means that the supplier will owe me 0.07, that is fine.

3. Created a credit card credit where the Payee is my BF supplier, Bank Credit Account is the same credit card BF supplier took those 402.48 from, Category on the Category Details is the same I used on my invoice, Sales Tax is the same Tax from my invoice and Amount is 0.07


4. Matched the 0.07 from my banking transactions to the credit card credit from step 3 - This should balance off everything and my supplier should owe me zero, however when I go to Expenses > Suppliers I see -0.07 as an open balance, meaning that BF still owes me 0.07



I am very lost.

QuickBooks Team

How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?

Hi @jesusrendon,


Thank you for sharing a detailed explanation of the steps you've taken so far. Allow me to clear things up for you.


Everything you mentioned above appears to be in order. For Step 3 though, instead of using the same account you used on the bill transaction, use Accounts Payable instead. This will offset the negative amount showing up on the vendor's balance. 


On the other hand, take a look at this article for the steps on how to enter a customer's credit card payment: Refund a credit card payment in QuickBooks Online. You'll also find notes about the process, as well as a short description of how fees are charged on credit card refunds.


Let me know if you have other questions by leaving a comment below. I'll be sure to get back to you.

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How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?

Level 1

How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?

This works if you do the refund in the same calendar year. For businesses that require deposits for events that are sometimes held a year or more later, this is not really helpful. For example, I had someone pay in full for a service that was to be provided. However, Covid happened and they had to cancel, so I issued a partial refund. The problem is that I already paid taxes on the amount I received, and then actually had to issue a refund for that taxed amount this year. If quickbooks added a refund option for product/services it would make things a lot better for those who are self-employed and tracking everything themselves. 

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How to enter a refund charge on credit card for returned items?

Thank you!!!!! It took me forever to figure this out!!

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