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Invoice all sub customers?

Our nonprofit has two member classes "Senior" and "Junior" so we have two customers set up, "Senior Members" and "Junior Members", and the individual persons are sub customers of those two.  How can I invoice all Senior Members at once for their annual dues?  And if you can't do that is there any recommended workaround?

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Invoice all sub customers?

Hi Greg,


In order to send invoices to your members, you'll want to go through each profile and create invoices for each of them. Batching an invoice is a great option though. However, this is not available right now.


If your members have recurring dues, you can create recurring invoices and set them to be automatically sent to them. I'll show you how.

  1. Open an invoice on any of your members.
  2. Click Make Recurring at the bottom.
  3. Check the details, especially the ones I've pointed out below.
  4. Click on Save template.

You will see your list of recurring invoice templates when you click the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose Recurring transactions. See more info about recurring transactions.


I'm just right here if you have other questions about invoicing your members.

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Invoice all sub customers?

Thank you  Is this a function that you used to have?  Our former treasurer (2017-2018) swears that he would create a template and apply to "Senior Members" and that would automatically attach to the account of every sub member of that group.

QuickBooks Team

Invoice all sub customers?

Hi there, Greg42301.


I understand that you'd like to create an invoice for all sub-customers. However, this isn't available even before. We need to create individual invoices regardless if it's a sub-customer or not.


You'll want to check these articles for more details about parent and the sub-customer:

I suggest you set up recurring transactions instead, the one mentioned by JessT. 


Post again here if you have other questions. Stay safe!

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