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Invoicing from Estimates

Why won't QB recognize a negative amount entered on an invoice line item? It added it to the prior amount instead of deducting it. I am creating the invoice from the estimate and went to enter a negative amount in a line item to compensate for a previous invoice that showed too much in that line item and instead of deducting the amount QB added it.  Trying to avoid deleting ALL Previous invoices to make the correction.  Very frustrating!

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QuickBooks Team

Invoicing from Estimates

Let's correctly record your invoices out from the estimate, Kymberli.


The system recognizes a negative amount as long as the total transaction amount is not negative. However, if your total amount of the invoice is negative, QuickBooks will read it as underpaid or overpaid. Thus, you'll want to use the Credit Memo or Refund option for that. You can review the total amount and ensure that you entered the negative sign so the total amount will be reduced.


You can also edit the invoiced amounts without deleting the previous ones as long as you haven't received any payment on these invoices yet. However, if the amount is still not deducted, you can run the Verify and Rebuild process to check for any damaged data file. 


Feel free to look into these articles for more info on how to manage your sales forms: 


Don't hesitate to reach back out to me if I can be of additional assistance. I'd be happy to help you out. Have a great day!

Level 2

Invoicing from Estimates

I am only crediting one line item of the progress invoice, not the whole invoice. Is there anyway to do this without having to re-enter all the previous invoices?

QuickBooks Team

Invoicing from Estimates

There's a way to do that, Kymberli.


You'll have to add a Subtotal item after the items with positive amounts first. Then, place the item with negative amount on the next line. This will add up the amount of all the items preceding the subtotal item so negative amount will be credited to the whole invoice. I'll show you how:


  1. Go to the Customers menu.
  2. Choose Customer Center, then select the Transactions tab.
  3. Open the appropriate invoice.
  4. Add a Subtotal item after the items with positive amounts.
  5. On the net line, enter the item with negative amount.
  6. Click Save & Close, the choose Yes to confirm the changes.

I'm also adding this article to learn how personalize and and add a discount to an invoice.: 


Just click the Reply button below if you have any other concerns or follow-up questions. I'm always here to help.

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