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Linking a deposit to a paid invoice

Sorry if this is redundant but after reading the message boards and trying everything for the past hour I'm too frustrated.  I'm having a big problem trying to link paid invoices to imported deposits in QB online and nothing I'm reading seems to be helping.  Heres a hypothetical to illustrate what I mean:


I have an invoice with a $300 balance.  I get a check in the mail so I receive the check against the invoice and deposit it into the chosen bank account.  Two days later I physically go to the bank with the $300 check and $700 in cash making the total deposit $1000.  On my imported bank transactions I have a $1000 deposit so I do a split ($300 check and $700 cash) but I cannot get that $300 to match or link with the invoice payment no matter what I do and I've tried EVERYTHING.


I'm so confused, I'm obviously doing something very wrong but I have no clue what it is.  To balance it i'm having to change the $1000 imported deposit to $700 and when I reconcile that balances with the $300 payment.  There has to be a better way to do this!!!  What's the correct process???

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QuickBooks Team

Linking a deposit to a paid invoice

I can walk you through on how to properly match it, GreenBee.


We can match the transaction worth $1000 into the $300 payment. Then, let's click on Resolve button so that QuickBooks will create deposit for the remaining $700. But before, let's undo first the split deposit you've created. This is how to do it:

  1. From the Banking, select the affected account.
  2. Go to the Reviewed tab. Locate the split transaction and click on Undo.
  3. Select For Review tab and click on the $1000 downloaded transaction.
  4. Hit the Find match button. On the Match transactions page, locate and check the $300 payment.
    find match.PNG
  5. Click the Resolve button. The difference should be zero.
  6. On the Add resolving transactions section, you can enter some details (optional).
  7. Click Save.

When you open the register, you'll see that there's an additional $700 deposit. You can now reconcile it.


This will help you achieve your goal for today. Comment below if you have more questions.

Level 1

Linking a deposit to a paid invoice

That was SO MUCH EASIER than I was making it out to be!  Thank you!!!!

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