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Mark batch invoices as paid

Hi there


We send our customers (who are generally local city councils) multiple invoices for the provision of services to each old person we provide care for in the council's region.  The council then pays us one payment to settle the 300 or so invoices we issue each month.


Is there an easy way, on the bank reconcilation page, to mark the relevant 300 invoices paid, as opposed to ticking each checkbox adjacent to each customer (it takes a long time to tick each invoice (which are usually in sequntial invoice numbers)?  I know on Xero you could select tick on the top heading row of the invoice column and it would select all relevant invoices listed below the heading.



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Mark batch invoices as paid

Hi there, 


I'm here to help you reconcile the 300 invoices.


You can tick the circle at the top of the column. This way, all invoices will be selected.


Here's a screenshot as your guide:Screenshot 01.jpg


I've also added this article that has detailed information about account reconciliation: Reconcile an account.


Keep me posted whenever help is needed. Stay safe!

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Mark batch invoices as paid

Hi, thanks but maybe we are not on the same page. How we mark invoices as paid is:


- we have invoices already uploaded

- we then import bank statements

- we then match a bank receipt against the multiple invoices the receipt is settling


here is a screen shot of the bank screen where we are matching the transactions. There is no tick or circle at the top column to allow us to select multiple invoices for which the receipt relates to. 

Is there a quick way to mark, say, the first 100 of these listed invoices as being settled by the relevant bank receipt?




Mark batch invoices as paid

Hi there, @Harry1986.


I appreciate you getting back to us in the Community. Allow me to chime in and share information about matching bank statements to invoices in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


For some reason, I was unable to see the screenshot you've mentioned. Are you referring to the Match transactions screen? If so, the option to mark or select all the invoices at once is currently unavailable. You'll need to tick each invoice.


I can see how having this option would be helpful for you and your business. I highly suggest sending feedback directly to our product developers. They're always looking for ideas to consider on how to improve QuickBooks.


Here's how to submit feedback:


  1. In QBO, select the Gear icon at the top, then Feedback.
  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions. Then select Next to submit feedback.


For more information about managing bank feeds in QBO, consider checking out these articles:



You may also visit our website for more tips and other resources you can use in the future: QBO self-help articles.


Feel free to post again or leave a comment below if you have additional questions about matching transactions or anything else. I'll be happy to answer them. Keep safe.

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