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Marlee s
Level 1

new to quickbook

At my job they had two programs a 2016 and 2019 version,  and I put all the billing statements for last month in 2016 not knowing that I had to use the 2019 version. Is there a way that I can transfer everything to the 2019 version with out messing anything up?

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Kristine Mae

new to quickbook

Learning QuickBooks is fun, Marlee s. I'm here to help you transfer the transactions.


You can do it by creating a backup copy from QuickBooks 2016, then restoring it to the 2019 version.


Although, if QuickBooks 2019 has transactions that aren't in the older version, you'll have to manually enter them instead. This will prevent us from overwriting or messing up the 2019 data.


In any case you have other concerns, you can get back to this thread. 

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new to quickbook

hi @Marlee s ,

It depends on your current condition. Is your current data on 2016 = 2019 + billing statements for last months? If the answer is yes, you may create a backup copy of 2016 and restore it on 2019 as QuickBooks Team said earlier.

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