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Texas Trailers
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Paying same Vendor with separate checks

I get 7 utility bills a month from the same company, and I need to pay each bill with a separate check. Yet when I enter all my bills and try to print checks, Quickbooks automatically combines all the bills for the one vendor into one check.


How can I stop this from happening????




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Paying same Vendor with separate checks

@Texas Trailers  I typically recommend that you set up a different vendor name for each of the different accounts.  The most common place I run into this is utility payments for managed apartments where there are different account numbers for each unit.  I don't want to send one check to Electric Company for 10 different accounts.  And I want to be able to verify that I've received and paid each bill each month.  So I will set up Electric Co - 3995, Electric Co - 3997, etc. and have the check print only the Electric Company piece.  There is an option to select the bill payment one at a time, but that is a little slow for me.

Texas Trailers
Level 1

Paying same Vendor with separate checks

That is a great idea, thank you for that tip, it is something I will start to use right away.


But now I have the issue of paying my delivery drivers.  One freight company may take 3 loads in one day, delivery at 3 different places and 3 different times, but collect all 3 checks at one time.  So I am still stuck with the issue of entering 3 checks for ABC Delivery, at the same time and actually printing all 3 checks at one time without Quickbooks combining them.   How do I do that?  Printing one check at a time is not a viable option in my mind.  


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