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We use POS Desktop V18 to process transactions.  We had a return and went to process the credit to the credit card and we received the following message:  Transaction Flagged and Declined.  We cpould not process the credit.  What does this message mean?





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Let me help get rid of this error, @Rob721.


Just to clarify, how did you process the credit card credit? You'd be prompted with the error Transaction flagged and declined when processing keyed credit card transactions. To get past the error, you can void the original transaction and process a refund. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Point of Sale menu.
  2. Tap on New Return Receipt.
  3. Search for the customer name or the receipt number. Then select the correct sales receipt.
  4. Add the returned item(s) to the refund receipt.
  5. Enter the quantity for each line item and select the Return box. 
  6. Select Add selected items.
  7. On the Sales Receipt payment screen, select Credit or Cash for the payment method.
  8. If you select Credit, swipe the customer’s card or select Manual to enter the credit card information. Then select Authorize Now.
  9. Hit Save & Print to print a new receipt.

You can read through this article for more detailed steps: Void or refund customer payments in QuickBooks Point of Sale.



Also, you can refer to this article on how to accept a returned or exchange of products in QuickBooks POS: Record returned or exchange of items in Point of Sale.


Stay in touch with us here if you have other questions about managing your sales transactions. I'm always here to help.

Level 2


We tried both approaches to refund the credit card for returned items.  We received the same message:

Transaction Flagged and Declined.  Could it be the credit card is causing the issue?







I can help you resolve this error, Rob721.


As mentioned above this error occurs when processing keyed transactions. Your credit card may also be declined because of invalid entries from the customer/employee, incorrectly entered information, or internal server errors.


 Please take note that there several things that you need to consider when processing credit card transactions in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Check the pointers that I've listed below:


  • Ensure that the card has a credit card and not a debit card logo.
  • Make sure that your Merchant Account is properly configured to process the card type your customer is using. You can check it by going to the Account Profile section from the Merchant Service Center.

Additionally, we're unable to process electronic transactions for American Express cards that start with the following numbers:

  • 3785-7
  • 3785-9
  • 3787-3

If the error still persists after configuring the credit card, I'd recommend getting in touch with our technical supports. This way, we'll be able to pull up your account in a secured environment and further investigate this issue. You can connect with us through this link: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.


I've also included some articles that will help you fix common errors when processing credit and debit card transactions in Point of Sale:


You can always tag my name below if you have any other concerns or QuickBooks-related questions. I'll always have your back.

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