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We operate QB POS 2019 with QB DESKTOP PRO 2021.

We have a credit card or cash sale using an actual customers name.  POS syns to Desktop Pro, afterward, the Sales Receipts in Desktop shows customer as "counter sale" and will not allow me to correct the customer name from counter sale to the actual name of the customer.  This creates a problem when the actual customer request a ledger of all sales purchased.  Such as year end for income tax purposes.  When I attempt to correct the customer name I get a warning "you need to delete this sales receipt from the deposit before you can edit its name or amount.  discard changes & continue?"  The issue is that the original purchase was not made as a was either a cash sale or a credit card sale?  There must be an easy way to resolve this problem.  Before we create upset customers or mess up this income tax issue.  Any resolution????

Thank you

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QuickBooks Team


Thanks for laying out your concern with us, @BGNF. I can share some information about changing customers' names in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.


We won't be able to change the Customer Name in a Sales Receipt if it's already transferred to QuickBooks Desktop after the Financial Exchange. However, if you haven't yet, you still have the option to change your customers' names.


If you have duplicate customers in your POS, you can easily merge them. Merging the customer records combines the sales history of the duplicate entries into a single record, and the other is deleted.


Here's how:


  1. In your POS customer list, select one or both customer records you want to merge. (You may select two by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on each).
  2. Choose I want to... drop down and then Merge.
  3. Review the customers and make changes as necessary.
  4. Click Merge Customers.


Keep in mind that if the customer is removed has a sales history, a listing of the number of sales receipts and customers' orders to be updated is displayed. The customer on these documents will be replaced by the customer you selected to keep.


You can also visit our QuickBooks Support page if you need help with Point of Sale and information about our support center. 


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have other questions about managing your customers in POS. I'm more than happy to help. Take care!

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The real issue is that POS actually did have the correct customer listed on the sales receipt.  There have been three difference customers that is same thing took place when the sync from POS to Desktop Pro takes place.  Desktop Pro listed the customer name as "Counter Sale".  We are not sure why the change is taking place at the time of sync.  I can look in POS and the 3 difference customers names are still showing on the correct name.  It is when I go to Desktop Pro that the customers names have been changed to "counter sale".  The real problem is when any of these customers or any other customer (with or without an open account) is needing a list of all their sales for a given period time.  How do you suggest we link these customers sales with their records.  POS does not have the option of pulling a customer & designating date variable to pull a report.  All sales should be linked to the customer.  Suggestion?



Thanks for sharing your feedback about our program processes, BGNF.


I want to make sure you're able to get the help you need for this QuickBooks Point of Sale concern. Normally, QuickBooks Desktop will match the data from POS during financial exchange. 


If anything unusual happens, we need you to contact our Support Team so they can diagnose the problem and share some troubleshooting to fix it. Click this link to contact us: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.


I'm sharing the following links for reference with PIN pad setup:


It's great to see you here today. Please visit us anytime if you have other concerns with QuickBooks so we can help you out. I'm also here if you need anything else. Have a nice day!

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