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recurring credit card payments

I have QB 2018 desktop pro r15p

Background: I use memorized transaction to create recurring monthly invoices and Customer Payments + Stored Credit Card info to process payments for some customers. (I also need to sometimes handle different amount/check payment for these same customers.)

Objective: I would like to move the payment for some customers from the Customer Payments area into the Recurring payments/emails area.

Question 1: Is there a way to automate the flow of info or does it need to be manually entered for each customer? The customer names display from the drop menu in the recurring payments section, the customers' addresses and credit card info do not autofill. (I was able to successfully create a recurring invoice for $1 with manual entry.)

Question 2: How do I handle invoicing?
Do I delete the memorized invoices for these customers?
Do I need to somehow link the memorized invoice and the recurring invoice?
Does the recurring invoice feature automatically generate an invoice in Customer & Jobs once it is paid?

QuickBooks Team

recurring credit card payments

Hi there, @southboca.


Thank you for sharing the details you want to achieve with me. To answer your first question, you'll have to manually enter the amount that varies every month. However, you can also create a non-schedule recurring to serve as a template and edit it when used.


Secondly, in handling your invoice, you'll want to remove the memorized invoices for those customers. This can cause duplication if your QuickBooks Payments account is linked to your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) software.


And yes, the recurring feature will automatically generate an invoice for your Customer & Jobs once paid. QuickBooks automatically sync the money taken from your customer.


I've collected some of our great resources that you can use for reference. These can guide you to learn more about recurring payments in QBDT:

Tag me in if there's anything else you need help with. I'm just a post away from you. Keep safe and have a good day!

Level 2

recurring credit card payments

One of the suggested changes I'm seeing for setting up recurring payments:
Preferences, Payments, Company Preferences, Automatically Apply Payments

What will this affect?

Will it only match the recurring invoice to the Credit Card Payment?
Will it automatically apply check payments or manual credit card payments to the oldest invoice? 
Something else?

The oldest invoice option creates lots of headaches. I have several customers who pay for monthly service and repairs out of different funds. In the past, I'd select the proper invoice and QBs would override my selection with an older invoice. Then I'd have to catch the error and change it manually.

QuickBooks Team

recurring credit card payments

Hi @southboca,


Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply. Let me take care of this query for you.


When you enable to Automatically Apply Payments option, then payments will be posted to the oldest open invoice. Since you don't wish for this to happen, then I suggest you disable this feature. This way, you can control exactly where you want a certain payment will be applied.


You can also visit this article for your reference: Resolve common issues when applying a payment towards an invoice. This lists issues you can encounter during this process, as well as the troubleshooting steps to resolve them. 


Got other questions you'd like to ask? Post them below, and I'll get back to you. 

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