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release my funds

So Lai kindly called me 3 times.  ON A PHONE THAT DOESN'T WORK---He couldn't hear me .  Why don't you have someone call me on a phone that works [Removed]

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release my funds

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, @acooper4242


When you've initiated a callback request from our phone support, they will call the number associated with your Intuit account. You'll want to update your information to ensure you can talk to our phone support team without trouble. For the detailed instructions, please visit this link: Update your user ID, phone number, and contact information for Intuit. This also includes steps on how you can update information for other QuickBooks products.


On the other hand, you can utilize the chat option when reaching out to the live support team. You can also post your QuickBooks concerns here in the Community. There are a lot of Community backers, QuickBooks experts, and other users that can help you. 


You might also want to visit our QuickBooks Help article page if in case you need articles and guides in doing your QuickBooks tasks. 


Stay in touch for every QuickBooks-related concern you may have. Take care always.

Level 1

release my funds

Yes, they called me yesterday- ON A PHONE THAT DID"NT WORK-- he could not hear me.  Please have someone call me on a working phone. [removed]   This is the reference number.  I have called at least 12 times the last few weeks-  nothing has been resolved other than me being placed on hold for hours.

From: QBOCare <[email address removed] >
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 6:24 PM
To: [email address removed] 
Subject: Case:1575457132 RISK - i need you to release my funds [ ref:_00Di0Xs0j._5003j1x8ODi:ref ]



release my funds

Welcome back to the Community, @acooper4242.


You can only reach out to our support team using the Help menu within the QuickBooks Online (QBO) product or through a web browser using the Contact Us link. This way, they can call you with the number associated on your Intuit account that is recorded on our data base. 


Since you're having trouble communicating with them, there's a possibility that the number associated with your account is the one connected to the phone not working. You'll want to update your phone number and enter the one that is connected to a working phone so you can talk to the support representative smoothly.


On the other hand, you can also include that particular phone number when you're initiating a callback request through the Help menu. Let me guide you how: 

  1. In your QBO account, click the Help menu.
  2. Then, select the Assistant tab.
  3. Enter a brief description of your concern as well as the number of a working phone. Example: A support representative have called me on a not working phone. They can't hear me. Please call me at this number: XXXXXXXXX. 
  4. Next, type Talk to a human.
  5. Then, choose Get a callback.


Also, please know that the Community is a public platform. Thus, posting your concern including personal details such as email address, company name, or phone number is not recommended. This is to ensure you can avoid any issues that can harm your privacy and security. 


QBO also have a compilations of how-to videos that can further help your navigation. To start browsing, please visit this page: Learn about QuickBooks Online with how-to videos.


Feel free to get back to me if you have any other issues when connecting to the phone support team. I'd be glad to assist you further. Take care always.

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