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Unauthorized charge by QBO on my clients credit card.

QBO charged my client $2,500 on their CC, for no reason,  there was no invoice, they then deposited the funds to my bank account less their $85.25 fee, my client is livid and so am I, I have had zero help from 4 different help chat people, and no call back to speak to a live person to sort this out, Has anyone else experienced this?


QuickBooks Team

Unauthorized charge by QBO on my clients credit card.

Let's find out where the charge is coming from, mdoba.


I've checked and found no investigation about the unauthorized charge in QuickBooks.


Your client can check if someone is using their credit card for online payments. You can use the lookup charge tool to find out where it's coming from and why. Here's the link: Understand Intuit charges on your credit card or bank statement.


If the charge is coming from us, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Merchant Team. They can trace the payment and process refunds when needed.


Please use this link to get in touch with them: Contact Payments.


Let me know how the contact goes by leaving a comment below. I'll be right here whenever you have follow-up questions about your billing charges.

Level 2

Unauthorized charge by QBO on my clients credit card.



Your chat bots are useless, your callback functions end without ever getting a call back, and it is impossible to contact a live person, So all your responses to these comments are just for show, to give the appearance of caring about the issues without any commitment to solve them,  Window dressing over substance.


Again, worst customer service of any online company we have ever worked with. period.

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