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Wrong vendor entered for bill



I have entered a bill under the wrong vendor and paid the bill in QB 2018.  The transaction happened in April and I need to correct the mistake so that the 1099 tax document is adjusted for the correct vendor.  My question is, do I go to vendor center and unpay the bill save and close and then go to the bill and delete it; then enter the bill details for the correct vendor and pay it?  What does this do to the bank reconciliation?

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Wrong vendor entered for bill

Hi there, @jsylvia8of8.


Welcome and thanks for reaching out to us in the Community. I'm here to share some information about correcting a bill entered to a wrong vendor in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


You can create a clearing account and use this to deposit the payment from the wrong vendor. Then write a check with that account and the correct vendor, before applying the credit to their bill. This will prevent you from messing up your previous bank reconciliation.


To create/setup a clearing account, here's how:


1. Go to the List menu at the top and pick Chart of Accounts on the drop-down.
2. Click the Account at the bottom, then New.
3. Select Bank and then Continue.
4. Enter Clearing Account, then Save & Close.






Once done, here's how to deposit the payment:


1. Go to Banking menu at the top and pick Make Deposits.
2. On the Deposit To, choose the Clearing Account you've created.
3. On the Received From, select the wrong vendor, then choose Accounts Payable on the From Account.
4. Enter the amount, then Save & Close.




After that, here's how to write a check:


1. Go back to the Banking menu, then pick Write Checks.
2. Select Clearing Account on the Bank Account drop-down, then choose the correct vendor on the Pay to the order of drop-down.
3. Pick  Accounts Payable on the Account column, then enter the amount and choose the correct vendor again on the Customer:Job column.
4. Click Save & Close.



Once done, you can now apply the credit to the correct bill. Here's how:


1. Open the Bill of the correct vendor, then click Pay Bill at the top.
2. Select Set Credits at the bottom to apply the credits, then choose Pay Selected Bills.




I also suggest consulting your account for further assistance. Just in case, you can also check out these articles for future reference:



That's it! Please let me know how it goes in the comment section below. I'm always here should you have any follow-up questions or concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success!

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Wrong vendor entered for bill



You are making this much harder than it needs to be. And the Entry into the Deposit Screen for Names bypasses everything about Vendors and Customers.




Step 1. Edit the Bill and change the name. You are warned that a Payment is linked. Change it anyway.


Step 1. Find the Bill Payment Check and Change the name. Once you do this, the Open Bill shows in the bottom part. Checkmark to Link them.




That Bill Payment Check should not even unreconcile, because you are Not Changing the amount. If it does, a Mini-Rec is simple: Use the most recent statement's ending balance and Ignore the beginning balance; you Affect the transactions, so you know why this changed. Checkmark Only the affect transaction, you see a difference of 0 and you are back on track.

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Wrong vendor entered for bill


RE "You are making this much harder than it needs to be."


I'll say!  This sort of nonsense may be required by QB Online, but not desktop where you can get your work done much faster and without support intervention in many more cases.  Seems Intuit is forgetting that.

blanca garcia
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Wrong vendor entered for bill

I am able to change the vendor name to the Bill but when I attempt to change it on the Bill Pmt - Check I get the following, Warning: You cannot modify the vendor name in bill payment check. You may delete this payment check and re-create it if necessary. What am I missing or doing wrong? If need be I can call QB but I don't have 2 whole hours to spare, in addition, the reps I tend to get don't have the experience to answer these types of questions. 

I am using QB Desktop Enterprise version 19.0 if that helps any.

QuickBooks Team

Wrong vendor entered for bill

You can delete the bill payment, blanca garcia.


The best way is to delete it and recreate so we can link it back to the bill. This way, we can also correct the vendor. Open the bill payment and select the Delete button. Then, click OK to confirm.



You'll want to read these guides to learn more about bills:

I'm just around if you have more clarifications.

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