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Clock in reminder emails

I have quickbooks Time and Quickbooks Online. Currently, quickbooks time is set up to send myself and the employee a reminder email if they’ve missed clocking in. Both emails and myself are getting emails that say they’ve clocked in, but when they show me their Quickbooks Workforce screen, they are clearly already clocked in and their only option is to hit “clock out”. 

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QuickBooks Team

Clock in reminder emails

Hello there, @MLAUGHLIN.


In your case, it may be possible that you tick the mobile and email notifications for clock-in and out reminders in QuickBooks Time. With that, you'll want to check the reminder set up in the Notification tab.


Here's how:


  1. Go to Company Settings.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. From the Notifications screen, check if you set up a clock-in or out reminder and tick the Mobile and Email check box.
  4. Also, check the other reminder set up in the Notification tab.
  5. Then, to save changes, click Save.


I'll be adding these links for future reference in managing reminders in QuickBooks Time:



Tag me in the comment section if you have clarifications about your concerns. I'm always here to help you. 

Level 1

Clock in reminder emails

This didn’t work for me. I already have notifications turned off unless the employee has missed a clock-in. The problem is that the employee shows as clocked-in with the Workforce app, but they are still recieving the email that says they've missed a clock-in. 



QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Clock in reminder emails

Thanks for coming back and providing us a screenshot to better isolate the issue,MLAUGHLIN.


We appreciate you for performing the steps provided by my colleague. We can perform some troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app) if you run into issues using the app. Since you already turned off the notifications, we'll need to sync them in the Workforce app. Here's how:


  1. Make sure your device settings are correct.
  2. Check if any of the other listed issues apply to you.
  3. To find out if your Workforce app is syncing properly now, you can force a sync, just go to More. Then, select Settings and  Help & Support. Once done, select Sync data.


To learn more about this one, check out this article: Troubleshoot QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app). If the same thing happens, we'll need to report the problem to our Customer Support Team. They'll pull u your account in a secure environment and investigate what's causing this issue. Here's how: 


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Workforce (formerly QuickBooks Time mobile app).
  2. Click More, then Settings, and tap Help & Support, then Upload device logs.
  3. Enter a Description of the issue, then select the camera to upload any images that may provide context.
  4. Hit Upload.
  5. Once you send in the device log, contact our support team, and ask them for your case number associated with the log.


I'm also adding this link to help manage employees' time: Approve or unapproved employee hours using QuickBooks Time in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to reach out back to us if you need further help managing your employees' timesheets in QB Time. We're always around to lend you a helping hand. You have a good one. 

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