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problem logging into TSheets


Our company has been using TSheets for many months without any major issues. Now many employees (although not ALL) including myself were not able to log into our account. Many long standing employees have an error message saying they have not been sent an invite. 

To log into the TSheets account the existing password does not seem to work and the system sends a verification code to the email address, but sometimes the screen just blanks out and the attached is visible on the screen. The chat option for tech support doesn't work and the phone number is disconnected. Please advise next steps as we are approaching payroll for a medium sized company and need this resolved asap. 
Thanks Diana Virag, Roteq Australia Pty. Ltd

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problem logging into TSheets

I have the same problem. I have 6-8 employees that can't login since the merger with Intuit. Tech support has helped with my login and one other manager but can't get it right for anyone else. They keep saying to reset password or resend the invitation. None of this works. Getting very frustrated.


problem logging into TSheets

Login issues are so frustrating,@timothymozley1.

I want to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. I hear you when you say you've contacted support, and we'll want to have your employees do the same and reach out individually if they're having issues getting logged in. This way, we can work with them on what the error is showing for them individually.


Here's a helpful article on getting in touch with TSheets support: Contact TSheets Support.


Additionally, your employees will manage their own passwords and can always head to and sign in using their email or username.  Here, they can update their password and security information on their own to save time. 


Let me know how this goes, and please know I'm happy to help with anything else.


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