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QuickBooks Time Mobile App Not Synching

Has anyone been having issues with the QuickBooks Time mobile application not synching? I have one user who is having to take screenshots of his timecard and then email them to me because the mobile app is not synching daily. He has to manually synch every time. 

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QuickBooks Time Mobile App Not Synching

I'm here with the steps to fix the QuickBooks Time app syncing issue, @Beatriz_.


QuickBooks Time app is designed to sync on its own. If your employees encounter problems with the app, they can perform the following steps:


  • Ask the user to log out and log in to the app. This will force a sync and bring over and update information such as new jobs or job updates. Click your profile, then tap Sign Out.
  • If the same issue happens, they can uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks Time mobile app. Before doing so, ensure that any timesheet data stored in the mobile device has been able to sync with the web app, otherwise, that data will be lost. Your employee can take screenshots of timesheets to replicate the time later if needed.


However, if you're still unable to see these jobs update within the app, you'll want to send a problem report from the employee’s device. Here's how:


  1. Access the QuickBooks Time mobile app.
  2. Next, select More.
  3. Then, tap Settings.
  4. Click Help & Support.
  5. Select Report a Problem.
  6. Choose Other.
  7. Add a brief description of the issue and you can also add screenshots.
  8. Once done, click Send Report.


A representative will receive the report and reach out as soon as possible to assist you in troubleshooting.


I've also attached this helpful article to give you insights about the practices that will keep you problem-free when using the QuickBooks Time: Best practices for using the QuickBooks Time mobile apps.


I'm always around here in the Community if you have any other concerns about syncing your QuickBooks Time app. Feel free to leave a comment below. Have a good one. 

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QuickBooks Time Mobile App Not Synching

Thank you Divina, I will send these instructions to my employee!

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QuickBooks Time Mobile App Not Synching

I’m having the same syncing problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it won’t sync bac up gets so fat the stops and says syncing error please try again. I am beyond frustrated

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Time Mobile App Not Synching

Thanks for joining this thread, @Bronson. I'm here to provide other steps to fix syncing issues with QuickBooks Time mobile app.


To begin, let's clear your data app on your mobile settings. Doing so plays the same role as clearing the cache from your web browser. They collect cache (cookies) to save you time when loading repetitive data and images. These files can often become outdated or corrupted, causing issues like the one with your app not opening your company information. 


Here's how:


  1. Open your app.
  2. Click the Help menu at the top of the screen. 
  3. Select Reset App Data on the drop-down selection. 


If the issue persists, I recommend contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll be able to use more advanced tools to see what's happening. Use the hyperlink to locate the direct phone number to get in touch with them. 


You can check out the best practices for using the QuickBooks Time mobile apps article to keep you problem-free when using the QuickBooks Time iOS mobile app.


Please be informed that you can always get back to us if you have additional questions about managing your QuickBooks Time account. It's my priority that you get taken care of. Keep safe!

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