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QBOA connected to TSheets

Using QBOAccountant, when I connect QBOA to TSheets, it connects the client's QBO to my TSheets which interferes with the client's ability to connect their own TSheets account

. How can this be prevented?

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QBOA connected to TSheets

It isn't the kind of experience that we want you to have, Angela77.


We'll have to let your client disconnect the TSheets account from their QuickBooks Online file.


They can do that by getting in touch with our TSheets Support team. This way, your client will be guided on how to disconnect.


Also, we can prevent this from happening again by selecting the correct Company Name upon connecting the application.


I've also added this reference for more information about the integration: TSheets and QuickBooks Online integration FAQs.


Please let me know if there's anything that I can help with. Stay safe!

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QBOA connected to TSheets

I disconnected TSheets from my client's QBO via the App screen on QBOA. Then the client was able to connect their own TSheets account.

No one has selected the wrong company name.   So I do not understand that part of your answer.

The TSheets connection occurred when I was using my TSheets account/connected to my QBOA to record time I worked on that client's work.  

How can my QBOA be connected to my TSHeets account and used to track my time working for my clients--but not show that it is connected to my client's QBO account?  Is there a setting that needs to change?

That is the question.

QuickBooks Team

QBOA connected to TSheets

Hello @Angela77! Happy Friday. :) Thanks for returning to the Community for help with your TSheets integration.


May I ask how you're connecting to TSheets? Is it through QuickBooks or through TSheets? When you connect through TSheets by adding the QuickBooks online add on, it'll have you log in with your QuickBooks credentials. If there are multiple companies under your login, that's where you'll see a dropdown where you can choose the right company.


This article has instructions for both integrating through TSheets and through QuickBooks Online: Integrate TSheets and QuickBooks Online.


Reply to this post and let me know if you're able to connect successfully. All of us here in the Community are eager to get you set up and tracking time!

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