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Workforce and QB Time

a few years ago I created my Workforce account with a personal email so I would always have access to my W2s. Now with a different company, I have an account created with my new work email for QB Time to keep track of my timesheets.

I am confused about how the two separate emails will be/if merged and whether will I always have access to my W2 information.



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QuickBooks Team

Workforce and QB Time

Hi, @Gloria43. Let me share some insights about QuickBooks Time  (QB Time) and Workforce.


QuickBooks Time mobile app is being renamed to QuickBooks Workforce. When you open your QB Time app, you'll see a new name and logo. Despite that, there will be no other changes to the functionality. Everything you know and love about the app will remain the same. 

This app lets you access pay stubs and W-2s anytime, anywhere. You can also clock in and out, even without Wi-Fi or service. Learn more about the QuickBooks Workforce through this link: The QuickBooks Time app is now QuickBooks Workforce.


Moreover, merging two QuickBooks Time companies that are associated with different email addresses is not a standard feature within the QuickBooks Time platform. In your case, you can manage them separately. Each company will have its own set of data, such as timesheets, employees, and settings.


This allows you to keep your personal and work-related time tracking and management separate and organized. Just make sure to use the correct login credentials for each company to access the relevant data.


Moreover, I'm adding these articles to learn more about how Workforce works:  


Please leave a reply below if you have any further inquiries about QB Workforce, formerly known as QB Time. I'm here to help clear things up. 

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