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Level 4

Adjust balance sheet payroll liability

I need to clear a positive amount in my Payroll Liabilities account from a transaction last year. How can I adjust with a journal entry to make the payroll liabilities back to zero?

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QuickBooks Team

Adjust balance sheet payroll liability

Hi there, @quinn1. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Community for support.


It seems that you've posted your concern twice. My colleague addressed the issue in your first post. Kindly refer here to check.


You can also check out the links provided for more info on how we handle payroll concerns in QuickBooks Desktop.


I’m always ready to assist you if you have any other questions or concerns about managing your payroll in QBDT. Tag me in your reply and I’ll sprint back into action. Have a good one and keep safe.

Level 13

Adjust balance sheet payroll liability



Debit the payroll liability account and credit wage expense.  For $.06, it's an immaterial amount so I wouldn't be too concerned that it's perfect.

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