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Anyone found a way to get QBO customer service attention when a big issue happens?

In trying to deal with a conversion issue from desktop to QBO with prior tax payments, an agent I worked with ended up creating 3 tax payments in my client's books in some kind of attempt to fix the situation and marked them as "Pay Now" without my knowledge or authorization.  My client and I saw the money go out of his bank this Monday 11/5/18 and now my client has overpaid on taxes to the IRS by almost $11,000.  


So far, of the 3 agents I've spoken to on each of the days sent, only one acknowledged that this was even an issue on QBO's part and the only solution given to me was for my client to contact the IRS to ask for a refund.  The IRS responded that it will take 10 days for them to even see the payments come through and then it will take 4-6 weeks for the refund to be processed.


No one from QBO has followed up with and the only way I have found to try to get someone's attention is through the survey that came via email after one of my calls this week or to reply to the email I received from the 3rd agent with my case number.  This experience is enough to make me want to move to another accounting solution altogether.


Any suggestions?

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Anyone found a way to get QBO customer service attention when a big issue happens?

Hello there, @Kim-RawBooks.


Thanks for posting here in the Community and for sharing the complete details of your concern. I'm here to help make sure this is taken care of.


As much as I would love to get this handled directly, this issues requires pulling up your account information, which I am unable to do in this public forum for security reasons. I know you already contacted our Phone Support, but I'd highly suggest contacting them again and inform the agent that you'd like to speak with a supervisor to check the status of your case. Also, let them know that you already reached IRS regarding the over payment.


You can reach them through this link: QuickBooks Online Support Team.


Please let me know how it goes or if I can be of additional help. I want to make sure this is fix. Take care always!

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Anyone found a way to get QBO customer service attention when a big issue happens?


I feel fortunate to have found a supervisor that has taken ownership of this and she followed up with me today on the latest status that she knew.  At this point, there is the fixing of the issue (e.g., getting my client's money back and also fixing the prior tax payments so that they show correctly in the first place) but there is also the issue of QBO acknowledging what happened and finding some good faith effort to make good on the "we value you as a customer" as at this point I feel anything but valued by the organization.

Do I really just have to call in and get a normal agent on the phone, then hope that they will pull in a supervisor and then hope that the supervisor will think that this is worth their time?  Is there really no VP of Customer Service or something like that?  I have come up with what I think needs to happen on QBO's part but cannot figure where to send it.


Thank you,



Anyone found a way to get QBO customer service attention when a big issue happens?

Hi again, Kim-RawBooks

Thanks for looping back to this post.


Since you already reached our Support Team and spoke with a supervisor, rest assured that this issue has been escalated and taken cared of. A call must be made with our support agents to view the details on your case. They can help get you back in touch with the previous supervisor you spoke with so you can let him/her know what you'd like to happen regarding this issue.


You can use the same link that I've provided for our Phone Support's latest contact number.


Thanks for your understanding and patience as we are doing our best to get this resolved. As always, I'd be glad to provide additional help should you have any questions about this or anything else.

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