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balance sheet & P&L comparison reports

Is there a way to create a year to date balance sheet comparison report (and P&L) that compares 2021 to 2019?  2020 was such an anomaly I don't want to use it for growth comparison.  

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QuickBooks Team

balance sheet & P&L comparison reports

Hi there, @Robk42.


Currently, the option to get this advanced report is unavailable. No worries, I'm here to help you achieve this report by modifying it in Excel.


You can Run Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet Prev Year Comparison Report. Then, customize the following:


  • Date to January 1, 2019, to March 15,  2021.
  • Display column by Year across the top.


After that, export it to Excel to delete the column for the year 2020. This is how it looks like:



I've added an article that may help you in the future about bringing your modified reports using an Excel file to QuickBooks Desktop: Import or export MS Excel files.


You're always welcome to approach me here in the Community if you have other questions by clicking the Reply button. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Community Champion

balance sheet & P&L comparison reports

A balance sheet is as of a specific date; YTD doesn't really apply.


However, you can create a balance sheet that shows the balances as of a specific date this year and last year.  It's on the Reports menu under Company & Financial: Balance Sheet Prev Year Comparison.

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