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Bug under Custom Form Style Preview

I have checked Chrome, Motzilla and Microsoft Edge (hate that browser). Issue is persistent in all browsers.


Under Custom Form Styles,

- I selected design font to be 12pt

- under content, message is set to 8pt and footer to 12pt


Yet when I press preview, the message shows in size 12pt

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Bug under Custom Form Style Preview

Hello masrollc,


Currently, we have an ongoing investigation about previewing the sales forms. Our engineers are already working to fix this. I'd recommend contacting our QuickBooks Customer Care Team to add your profile to the list of affected users. They'll provide you updates about this.


Meanwhile, you can import your own invoice template as a workaround. You can use this article for the detailed steps: Import Custom Form Styles for Invoices or Estimates.


I'd appreciate your patience as our engineers work for a permanent fix.

Level 2

Bug under Custom Form Style Preview

i spent over 1 hr trying to report it, I think he did at the end after i tested the bug in 3 browsers. Now a very nice feature it would be to be able to add a 2nd page for terms on the estimate as i'm using them as a contract, that way i don't have to do all of these work around

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Bug under Custom Form Style Preview

 Hi there, masrollc.


I’ll make sure to take note and send this message. Though, it’d help if you send feedback as it goes directly to our developers. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Select Feedback under User Profile.
  3. Type in your request and click Next.

You’re always welcome to visit us again if you require further help with your QuickBooks.

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