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Converting bank statements to upload into Quickbooks

I'm trying to import my bank statements into QB online but even when I convert them to a .csv file it won't allow me to upload them. Any suggestions? Is there something easier I can do? My bank and credit card will only allow me to go back 180 days to upload online. 


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QuickBooks Team

Converting bank statements to upload into Quickbooks

Thank you for sharing your concern with us, @Scottybeth1A.


I'd be delighted to help ensure you're able to record all of your transactions into the system.


Are you prompted with an error while importing your transactions? If so, may I ask for it?


One possible you're unable to import your .CSV file successfully is due to to format of the data on it. With QuickBooks Online, you can use a 3-column or 4-column CSV file. Your CSV file should contain the following information: DateDescription and Amount. Ensure to leave off leading zeros and format the date like this: M/D/YY, not like this: MM/DD/YY.


For example, January 1, 2016 would be 1/1/16.

3 - column format 4 - column format

For additional references, you may check out these articles:

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That's it! This should allow you to successfully import your transactions.

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