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creating deferred sales by client by month report

I used to use QB Enterprise and recently converted to QBO for the ability to sync with other products.   I am unable to find how to replicate a report that I used to rely on.  


I am looking to create a report in which lists all clients down the first column, then each following column indicates the revenues of that client by month.  I have found a report that is similar: Sales by Client Summary, which has allowed me to do that.  However, our clients pay us a year in advance and so we need to defer revenues over the year.  This report only shows when we invoiced the client.  What is critical to us is to see this for when we recognize the revenue.  I cannot find any way to alter this report or use any other report to get this information.  


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QuickBooks Team

creating deferred sales by client by month report

Hey there, @vagabonder.

Let me show you the report that will provide you the list of your customers/clients and show your total monthly revenue on them.

You can run the Transaction List by Customer report to view these details in QuickBooks Online (QBO). All you have to is to customize it to view the data that you wanted to see. Here's 


  1. Go to Reports and search the Transaction List by Customer report.
  2. In the Report period, select Custom and customize the dates that you wanted to show. You can also click Customize to get the specific details of the transactions.
  3. Click Run report.

You can memorize this report to save its customized settings.

In addition, you can create a credit memo to record your client's advance payment. 


The Community always has your back, so please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Have a great weekend.
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creating deferred sales by client by month report

Thank you for your reply.  Let me better clarify.  I am looking for there to be a column for each month.  See attached pic of what the report looked like in QB Enterprise (downloaded into Excel).  I see at least one other report in QBO allows for choosing column by month, but most reports do not allow for this.  I do not understand why this option is not available on more reports.  


This report that I am seeking helps to see where income discrepancies from one month to the next in a much more efficient manner.


creating deferred sales by client by month report

Thanks for getting back here, @vagabonder.


The option to have a column for each month in viewing the Transaction Lists by Customer report is unavailable. The report will only show the months under the Date column when you group it by Month. Here's how:


  1. Pull up the report by following Step 1 and 2 outlined by my colleague, ReymondO.
  2. In the Group by field, click the drop-down arrow and choose Month.
  3. Hit Run report


For more details about accessing reports in QuickBooks Online (QBO), please see this article: Targets vs. Sources overview


Also, you'll want to send a product suggestion by clicking the Gear icon and then Feedback. We'd love to hear your idea since many of our updates come from customer suggestions.


Then, you can also save your filtered report so you can quickly run them in the future. For the detailed steps, proceed to Step 3 of this article: Manage report in QBO


Keep me posted if you have any other concerns about viewing data in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help. Have a great day ahead.

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creating deferred sales by client by month report

Do you know if one of the integrations that provides reporting would be able to create such a report?

QuickBooks Team

creating deferred sales by client by month report

Hello there, @vagabonder.


QuickBooks Online has integrated applications that specializes in modifying reports. However, we're not allowed to advise what specific application are more suitable for your needs.


Here's how to look for an app:


  1. Go to the Apps menu, then enter Reports in the text box, and hit Enter.
  2. Select the Application to see the overview of the services they offer.
  3. Once you've chosen the best app for your needs, follow the on-screen instruction to subscribe and link that application to your QuickBooks Online company.

You may check out our reference page to know more details on how to manage QuickBooks Online transactions: Help Articles.


QuickBooks Community has your back if you have other questions. Let us know in the comment section below. Take care.

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