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Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

I have QBs Premier Nonprofit 2016 and windows 10.  Since getting windows 10 I can no longer export reports to an existing workbook.  It gives me an error and shuts down quickbooks.  I use this function every month when creating my financial reports for several companies.  How can I fix this?


Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

Thanks for reaching out to us here in Community, @Strataca.


I'm here to help fix the error you're getting when exporting reports to Excel worksheet.


Here are some possible reasons why QuickBooks crashes when exporting reports to Excel:

  • MS Office and QuickBooks versions are not compatible.
  • MS Office or QuickBooks installations are damaged.
  • There is a problem with the report or the data file itself.

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting steps, let's try to check the compatibility of your QuickBooks Desktop and MS Office. Check out this article for more information (scroll down to QuickBooks Desktop 2016): QuickBooks Desktop system requirements.


After that, make sure that your QuickBooks is updated to the latest release version. Here's how:


1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Help menu then choose Update QuickBooks.
2. Go to the Options tab, then select Mark All, then Save.
3. On  the Update Now tab, mark the Reset Update box.
4. Select Get Updates button.
5. When Update Complete appears, close and reopen QuickBooks and try to export the reports to Excel again.


Please refer to this article for more information: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.


If the issue persists, you can check out this article for more troubleshooting steps (proceed to solutions 3 to 5): QuickBooks Desktop crashes when exporting report to Excel worksheet.


That'll do it! But if you're getting the same results, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I want to make sure that this will be fixed.​

Level 1

Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

woo hoo!  My QB's is set to automatically update, but I don't think it has actually done it for a while.  Once I updated, it seems to work fine!  Thank you for the help.

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Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

Well that was short lived.  Exported to an exisiting worksheet once.  Now I'm getting an error again.  This time it's Unrecoverable error code [removed].  I can export to a new workbook, just not an existing workbook.  

Level 1

Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

Error code # 20120 57117

QuickBooks Team

Exporting Reports to excel existing worksheet

Hey there, @Strataca


Thanks for stopping by the Community for help with resolving the unrecoverable error. I have just what you need to get back up and running with QuickBooks. Since error code # 20120 57117 is a general unrecoverable error, a root cause needs to be identified. To clarify, this error may be caused by either the company file or QuickBooks itself.


A good first step in diagnosing the root cause is to see if the error happens when exporting a report from a sample file. By using a sample file, should everything work with no errors, this would tell me there's an issue with the company file itself and not QuickBooks. If it was the program causing the unrecoverable error, you would see the same results within the sample file. 


Here's how to open a sample file:

  • From the No Company Open window, select Open a sample file.
  • Select any sample file on the list.
  • Once opened, try exporting a report to an existing worksheet.


If the sample file has no issues, your company file may have some data damage that needs to be fixed. Should that be the case, see Resolve data damage on your company file. If the sample file has the same results as your company data, troubleshooting the QuickBooks software is the next step. I have a few suggestions for you on how to do that below:


For your reference, here is another article on general troubleshooting steps for resolving unrecoverable errors: Unrecoverable Error: General Troubleshooting Steps. After completing these steps, you should no longer encounter the unrecoverable error.


Once you've had a chance to try what I've suggested, be sure to comment back to let me know how this works for you. Otherwise, if you have any other questions for me, don't hesitate to seek me out here in the Community.

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