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Fixed Assets manager

Does anyone have any experience with importing a file with existing fixed assets into fixed asset manager?  We are starting from scratch so have no current assets in FAM.

The instructions say that the Wizard will walk you through how to import a file, but I can't find anything that explains what fields of date should be included in the file.  Seems there should be a template that maps the data.


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Fixed Assets manager

Hi Michelle,


You can use data on the sample company file named sample product-based business. You can export it Excel (Comma Separated Value), delete the editing list of assets, and replace them by importing the exported one. That way, you can practice with the mapping.

sample product-based business.PNG


You can also click Help on the Fixed Asset Manager window to look for references.


Let me know if you need more help. Have a good one!

Level 3

Fixed Assets manager

Thank you Jess. That was a big help to get the export files for the template.

I have a further question about the imports.

For starters, I see now that I need to do a separate file for Federal, State, Book, etc.

But there are 3 View Column Sets (Asset Listing, Lead Schedule and Category).  I am not going to worry about Category for now, but do I have to upload files for both Asset Listing and Lead Schedule Views?  It seems much of that info is a duplicate so I am afraid I will overwrite something I don't want to.

Also, is it necessary to include the G/L Asset Description for the Cost, A/D and Deprec Expense accounts, or can I just populate the GL Acct # and leave the description blank. Those accounts already exist in our G/L.

You referred to the Fixed Asset Manager help available,  I have read all I can find and it all seems to fall short of providing any details for when you actually are trying to do it.

Thank you


Fixed Assets manager

Hello, Michelle.


Thanks for getting back to us! I'll ensure you're able to import your files properly for the Fixed Asset Manager feature. 


You don't have to upload the files for Asset Listing and Lead Schedule Views. You'll want to add the supported columns (from both files) with their information to your main CSV file for import. Although, I do recommend doing some test import in a sample company file (as shown by Jess). This avoids duplicates and unnecessary overwrites on your live company file. 


Regarding the description, it's not necessary to include the G/L Asset Description. You can leave it as blank and go with the account number instead. However, you'll want to take note of the following required data fields when mapping (highlighted in red): 




Have you come across this article while looking for help? If not, you might want to read this to guide you in setting up the FAM properly: Set up Fixed Asset Manager (FAM).


Don't forget to visit our QuickBooks Enterprise articles if you need help with other tasks such as income and expense management. Browse a topic and look for an article here


I'll be happy to assist you again if you have other questions in mind. Just hop on to this thread and I'll be there for you. 

Level 3

Fixed Assets manager

I did look at the Set Up FAM article you linked to. It does not provide any info on importing existing fixed assets.

That is great that we can combine the import into 1 file.  But every csv file I have ever used for an import has specified column numbers that linked to specific fields.  It doesn't seem like it can just be a free for all.  Or are the column headings what links the data, meaning the column headings have to be typed exactly correct? Can you refer me to where you got to the screenshot below where it showed the required and optional fields for the import.  That would be helpful.

And lastly, do I still need an import file for each Federal, State, Book, etc?  Or can that all be in one import file with a leading descriptor (Federal) in the column headings. That is where it would be  helpful to see ALL of the optional fields that are available.  That way if the column heading is the key for the import, I can make sure I have the column headings exaclty correct.  When I exported the files, they did not include "Federal" or Book" in the heading names to differenciate between the different "books".

Thank you so much for your help!


QuickBooks Team

Fixed Assets manager

Hi there, @MichelleSCR.


Allow me to share some details about the Fixed Asset Manager.


The option to combine all the data into one file is unavailable. The system will not accept the format if you add another column headings. Also, the screenshot my colleague attached is found in the Fixed Asset Manager. To open this window, please be guided by the steps below:


  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop company and go to the Accountant menu.
  2. Select Manager Fixed Assets.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the homepage.


I'd also suggest contacting your accountant to ensure that the accounts and the data are assigned properly to avoid errors in the future.


In addition to the article given by my colleague, here's another one to be familiar with the terminologies: Manage fixed assets using Fixed Asset Manager (FAM). This will help you manage your data effectively.


I've added this reference page that will help you on your future task, you can look for any similar articles for your concerns: Self-Help Articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Feel free to tag my name in the comment section if you have other questions with QuickBooks. I'd be happy to assist you further. Take care.

Level 3

Fixed Assets manager

I am confused. Jamespaul said I should add the columns from both files (asset listing and lead schedule view) to the main csv file for import.  But you said that the option to combine all the data into 1 file is not an option.

So does that mean, I am back to having to upload multiple files?  I exported all the files as was originally suggested and there are several, for the different views and the different books (federal vs state vs book vs amt).

Also, in all of the instructions that I have found, it refers to going to the Accountant Tab, then Fixed Asset Manager.  We are on desktop Enterprise and have to instead go to Company and then Fixed Asset Manager.  I mention that in case we have a different version that doesn't have all the functionality.

Also, can you send me a screen shot of what you referred to below when you said to go to the home screen.  I don't get any instructions when I go into FAM, but that might be because I already set up the tax and gl account info and tax year.


It still seems like there should be import instructions somewhere that explain what data is required, optional and how the csv file should be set up.  It can't be a free for all.  Don't certain fields have to be in certain columns. 

Thanks for any help you can give me.




Level 3

Fixed Assets manager

okay, so I tried to import a file even though it wasn't complete.  I see now that after I already have a file created and selected for upload, it walks through the data options.  I also see that I need to have the required federal fields so I will have to include data for book, state, and amt in the same file that has Federal info.  I will play around some more.

Level 1

Fixed Assets manager

I don't have access to the sample company, so how do we get an template for the FAM import file?


Level 1

Fixed Assets manager

I do not have access to the sample company so how can we get the FAM upload template another way.


Fixed Assets manager

I can provide the sample file you need, Steve242.


You can install a free trial version of QuickBooks. Then, get the FAM template from there. Use this link to get the installer: Download a trial of QuickBooks Desktop.


Once done, here's are the articles for instructions and detailed steps:

Let me know if there's anything else you need about uploading FAM data in QuickBooks. I'll be around whenever you have follow-up questions about the process.

Level 1

Fixed Assets manager

MaryLandT, Please send me a template and instructions if you have them. Is it better to use ProConnect depreciation import template? The one in the sample company was very limited. How do you also import the state, AMT, GAAP, and tax accumulated depreciation. I have a lot of assets to get straight and an excel template is so much faster. 


Fixed Assets manager

Thanks for reaching out in the Community, @SailawayCPA3.

Currently, only the sample company has Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) templates available. You can reach out to the support team for more information and assistance on how to import the state, AMT, GAAP, and tax accumulated depreciation. 

Here’s how:


  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Help, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click Contact Us.
  4. Give a brief description of your concern, then choose a way to connect with us.

You can also use this contact information to get in touch with our representatives.

To help you manage your asset information, check out this article: Manage fixed assets using Fixed Asset Manager (FAM)

Our Support page contains several resources, video tutorials, and tips to manage your company. If you need information, feel free to visit the site.

If you have any other questions or concerns besides templates, just add them to your reply below. We’ll be here anytime to help. Keep safe!

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