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General Journal Entries

I need to make a weekly General Journal Entry.  This has worked perfectly for years.  At the end of December 2020, the General Journal Entries no longer showed up on my bank register?  How do I correct this?

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General Journal Entries

If you're using a recurring template for your journal entries and it stopped creating transactions, there are a few reasons for it. It's possible that the recurrence has been turned of or the template is corrupted.


To get this fixed, you can delete and recreate the recurring template to refresh everything. Then you can manually create the JE's that were not created before.


To delete an old template, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Gear (⚙) icon at the upper right.
  2. Select Recurring Transactions under Lists
  3. Locate the recurring transaction from the list. 
  4. Click on Delete from the Edit drop-down menu. See this screenshot:
  5. Review the transaction details and add more when necessary.
  6. Hit Save and close.
  7. Once done, recreate the template using the New button on the Recurring Transactions page.

Then you can create journal entries manually using the + New icon and selecting Journal Entry.


I'm also attaching here this article for your reference: Create recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online


If you have other questions about QuickBooks, do let me know in the comment below. I'll be right here if you need anything else.

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General Journal Entries

I am not using  a reoccurring General Journal Entry template.  I make weekly entries however.  Throughtout 2020, I had no problems doing this using Quickbooks Desk Pro 2014.  When I used a 2021 date, the saved transaction would not appear on the bank register.  Thinking it was a problem with an outdate software, I purchased Quickbooks 2021 Desktop Pro.  The problem continues.  I make a General Journal Entry and save it, but it does not appear on the bank register.  Please help.

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General Journal Entries

By the way, there is not a "gear" icon at the top of my Quickbooks page.

QuickBooks Team

General Journal Entries

Hello there, @radar414.


The steps shared by my colleague, @Jen_D is for QuickBooks Online. Let me guide you on how to create journal entries in QuickBooks Desktop. 

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Choose Make General Journal Entries.
  3. Set the date of the journal entry in the Date field.
  4. Enter a number for your journal entry in the Entry No. field. QuickBooks will automatically number subsequent journal entries sequentially.
  5. From the Account column, enter the general ledger account number
  6. Enter the debit or credit amount for the account you've selected into the Debit or Credit columns. 
  7. Type in a descriptive memo in the Memo Column. 
  8. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 until the entries completely offset each other and the transaction reaches a zero balance.
    • Your total in the Debit column should equal the total in the Credit column, and the journal entry will then be properly balanced. 
  9. Click the Save & Close button. 

I'm adding these articles to help you manage journal entries in QuickBooks:

Always feel free to leave a comment below if you have other questions or concerns about navigating around QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

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