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GL Detail not showing purchase order

When running a GL Detail, i am trying to bridge the invoice with PO # simply and for some reason when i include PO number to my custom column criteria, the PO field comes through as blank. Is there a way to get this field populated?


(Image attached as reference)

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GL Detail not showing purchase order

I’ve got some information for you about generating a General Ledger report in QuickBooks, @Jgibbons52.

The General Ledger report shows you all the financial activity for your business. However, transactions are organized into assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and owner's equity. That being said, purchase order details like numbers aren’t populated on the report.

You may consider running other reports such as Income by Customer Detail. Just do some filters to get the purchase order number populated.

Here’s how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks account.
  2. Go to the Reports menu, then choose Report Center.
  3. Type in “Income by Customer Detail” in the Search field.
  4. Press Run.
  5. Click Customize Report.
  6. Under Columns, select P.O. #.
  7. Select OK after.

I’ve attached a reference in case you want to keep the same report settings for future use: Create, access and modify memorized reports. It helps you access the information quickly to save time.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about QuickBooks reports. I’ll be here to help you. Take care always!

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GL Detail not showing purchase order

@MadelynC , what's the use of the PO# column if it doesn't extract po number details? I've been wondering too. Is this a bug?

QuickBooks Team

GL Detail not showing purchase order

Nice to have you joined this thread, @my-answer-is-nonsense.


I appreciate you for sharing your thought about the PO# column when generating a report. The PO number is shown under the Number column instead of the PO# column. 


I've attached a screenshot below for your visual reference. 2.PNG2.PNG


I can see how important it is to keep your record organized and steer from any confusion. I recommend sending your feedback to our Development team. This way, they can review your suggestion and made some updates on how reports generate PO#.


You can refer to these steps on how to submit your feedback to them:


  1. Go to the Help menu in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Then click Product Suggestion.
  4. Enter your suggestions and details then click Send Feedback


I'm also adding this article for your reference in case you want to learn how to access your reports outside QuickBooks: Export reports as Excel workbooks in QuickBooks Desktop


You can count on me if you need more help managing your reports in QBDT. Have a good one and always stay safe!

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GL Detail not showing purchase order

Right, but in the event i'm looking at GL line detail i am trying to get the PO column to show the value of the PO number. With this i can use the Inv# and PO# side by side rather than clicking into the PO. The reason for this is because with a large data set, it allows for lookups in a concise and quick matter.

QuickBooks Team

GL Detail not showing purchase order

Thanks for getting back on this thread, Jgibbons52. I'm here to share some insights about how QuickBooks display the reports.


QuickBooks Desktop uses a concept called Source and Targets to apply accounting principles and processes, like recording transactions and displaying reports. I've added a brief overview of the two below:


  • Source is the summary of information about a transaction. It contains all source data (source account, source name, source memo and source amount, etc.).
  • Targets provide detailed information about the transaction and include all target data (target accounts, target names, target memos, target amounts, etc.).


To view the transaction journal report, you can press Ctrl+Y on your keyboard. The first line shows the source data, while the rest are target data.


For more details, please see this article: Understand Reports.


Additionally, I've included these articles that'll help you personalize your reports and save their current customized settings:



I'm only a post away if you need more help in running reports, Jgibbons52. It's always my pleasure to help you out again.

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GL Detail not showing purchase order

@CharleneMaeF, you're almost there, but still needs an explanation why the PO# won't populate on the GL report. That's what the person keeps on asking. You didn't mention that on your response. Any explanation?


GL Detail not showing purchase order

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have my colleague update her answer above.

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GL Detail not showing purchase order

Has their been an resolution to this? I'm experiencing the same problem with trying to pull a inventory offset report

Content Leader

GL Detail not showing purchase order

Hi there, JustneedAnswers2e3.


Thanks for joining this thread. I want to make sure you're able view the inventory offset report.


Since the problem is persisting, I recommend reaching out to a member of the QuickBooks Desktop Support Team. An agent will be able to take a closer look to determine what's causing the issue with the report. Here's how to get in touch with the team:


1. With QuickBooks open, press the F1 key on your keyboard.
2. Select Contact Us.
3. Enter Support in the field and click Continue.
4. From here you can begin a live chat session with an agent.


The following article provides these steps if you ever need them again in the future: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team


Please feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions. I'll be here to help in any way that I can.

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