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How can I change the default Accounts Payable account

My online Quick Book has 2 accounts payable accounts how can I get rid of one or change the default A/P account
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How can I change the default Accounts Payable account


Hello @mreid1


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community! I’d be delighted to help you with your Accounts Payable accounts. The best thing to do is to merge the accounts. It’s important to note that once you merge accounts, the action cannot be undone.


To merge two accounts:

  1. From Settings , go to Chart of Accounts.
  2. In the account that you want to keep, click the dropdown ▼ in the Action column.
  3. Select Edit. Take note of the name and detail type.
  4. Select Cancel to return to the Chart of Accounts.
  5. In the account that you don't want to use, select the dropdown ▼ in the Action column.
  6. Select Edit.
  7. Note: Remove the symbol in the name of the account before merging to avoid a possible error.
  8. Change the Name and Detail Type to match the account you want to keep. Mark Is sub-account as appropriate. Note: Remember the following regarding the sub-account option:
    • If you’re merging parent accounts, make sure they don’t have existing sub-accounts.
    • If you’re merging sub-accounts, make sure they are associated with the same parent account.
    • If only one is a sub-account, make it a parent account by clearing the Is sub-account option.
  9. Select Save, then Yes to confirm.

I’m also attaching the article for you to bookmark.Merge accounts in QBO


You’ll be good to go! Let me know if you have any other questions about your Chart of Accounts or anything else. I am happy to help anytime.

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