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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

My reports show zero balances after a customer balance is zero.  The zero's don't ever drop off so my reports are getting ridiculously long.  I've called support and nobody can help.  I think it may be the version of QB's that I have.

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QuickBooks Team

how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Hi there, Robert0618.


Thank you for visiting the QuickBooks Community. I'll be sharing details on how reports work in QuickBooks Online. Then, to ensure you'll be able to drop off or remove the zero on the page.


QuickBooks Online has the option to customize your reports. Filter them to appear specific accounts or customers, or format the layout so the right data shows up. That said, you use the said feature so you'll be able to set the report to Except zero amount and Show non-zero. This way, the zero's will drop off so your report shows accuracy.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Reports menu on the left panel.
  2. Choose the particular report in the search bar.
  3. Click the Customize button.
  4. Checkmark the Except zero amount box. Then, choose Non-zero on the Show non-zero or active only drop-down arrow.
  5. Click Run report.


However, if you're unable to see the option for Except zero amount and Non-zero on the report you've pulled up, you can remove the Open Balance column on the report. To do this, you can click the small gear icon beside the Export option and uncheck the Open Balance box. Then, click the Run Report button.



Additionally, you can also export the report to Excel and customize it from there. For further details on how the customizing report works in QuickBooks Online, you may open this article: Customize reports in QuickBooks Online.


Lastly, you may refer to this article to see a table list that contains different reports that are available for your version of QuickBooks Online: Reports included in your QuickBooks Online subscription.


Please know that you're always welcome to post any questions you have in this space or additional concerns with managing reports in QBO. Have a great day ahead.

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Thank you for this information. However I find that whenever I try the things suggested, my version of QB's does not have these options available. Is my only option to upgrade to a different version? I have QB Silver Edition with hosting.  I purchased this less than year ago and didn't think I'd have to upgrade to get my reports to print without zero balances and month old items still on them.  What can you suggest?


how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

I appreciate you for getting back to us, @Robert0618. I'm here to further guide you as to how you can get your reports to print without zero balances using QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Yes, you're correct. You don't need to upgrade to get the reporting data you need with the current QuickBooks version you have. With QBDT, you can filter your reports (i.e., Sales and Customers & Receivables) not to show the zero customer balances by selecting either the In Use (for Detailed) or Non-zero (for Summary) option. To do this, here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Choose the report you need.
  3. On the report's window, select the Customize Report button.
  4. In the Display tab, click the Advanced button.
  5. Select In Use (for Detailed) or Non-zero (for Summary) and click OK.
  6. Click OK


Once you're done, you can memorize the reports  if you want the same settings of the customized data to be available for future use. Please refer to this article for the complete details: Create, access and modify memorized reports.


Also, to see the complete list of available reports that QBDT offers and how it generates them, I'd recommend checking out this article: Understand reports.


Let me know in the comments if you have other reporting concerns and questions about managing transactions in QBDT. I'll gladly help. Take care, and I wish you continued success, @Robert0618

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Unfortunately, this didn't work on my version of QB's.  Any other suggestions?

QuickBooks Team

how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Hi there, @Robert0618.


I have another way of filtering a report. You can export reports to Excel. This way, you can remove the customers with zero balance manually. Let me guide you how:


  1. Open your preferred report.
  2. Tap the Excel on the toolbar at the top.
  3. To create a new Excel workbook, select Create New Worksheet.
  4. Optional: If you want to format the data a specific way, select Advanced
  5. When you’re ready to export, click OK. To open the report in Excel, you can also select Export.




Want more details? Check out this guide: Export reports as Excel workbooks in QuickBooks Desktop.


With the above steps, you can delete the customers with zero balance. From there, you can either save the report as PDF or print it.


For more reports topics with articles, browse this link to go to the page: Create and manage reports.


Let me know if there's anything else you need help with. I'll be around for you. Take care and have a good one.

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

I do understand what you're saying about downloading reports to excel.  I do that with some account detail reports.  However I have a lot of reports that require checking the information several times a week or some reports are checked even daily.  It would take forever to download each one of these reports into excel and sorting them out that way.  I should be able to just print the report.  I have spent hours with support on phone calls  and having support remote into my computer.  Nobody can fix this.  I have come to the understanding that the system I purchased just doesn't have the capability.  I can see by the suggestions I've been given that there are versions of QB's that will do this.  One person that was in support that was helping me said she could do that.  However when she was going to update my system she was told she couldn't.  I'm assuming because what she was suggesting was perhaps a more expensive version.  Although I've only had this system for less than a year, I'm willing to upgrade if need be.  Who could help me with finding out?

QuickBooks Team

how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Glad that this thread was able to help you figure out the report you need , Robert0618. 


You can pull up the sales summary or customer balance report by following the steps provided if my colleague Rea_ M . Then, add all the information you need from the report by exporting it to Excel. Once you export each report into an Excel file, merge them into one Excel workbook. 


Then, click on the Customize Report button to filter the data and add columns. You can also visit this link for available reports you can pull up in QuickBooks.


 Also, you can let us know and differentiate what report you used. This way, we can be able able to suggest the data that you used to.


Let me also share these great resources for additional reference:  

Please let me know how it goes. You can always go back here if you have other concerns about QuickBooks. Take care and stay safe, Robert0618! 

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

I'm a little confused about this response.  Did you read my latest post about the fact that I don't have the time to download all my reports into excel?  Also, I want to get a version of QB's that has the capability of deleting zero balances without having to go through that procedure.  My version just doesn't have those capabilities and I'll upgrade if need be.  Please see my post dated May1.  Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Thank you for coming back to the Community, Robert0618.

I recognize the importance of having a report that will show the data you need. This can help save time because you no longer have to customize or import it into Excel.

That said, I recommend you let our Product Development team know that the feature to automatically remove all zero balances on reports is beneficial to a lot of users. I'll help and guide you through the steps.


Here's how:

  1. In your company file, head to the Help menu at the top bar to choose Send Feedback Online and Product Suggestions.
  2. In the QuickBooks Feedback window, click the Type of Feedback drop-down to select Product Suggestion.
  3. From there, tap the Product Area drop-down and choose Product Suggestion.
  4. Press the Product Area drop-down and choose which area in QuickBooks you wish to improve.
  5. Then enter your product suggestions in Here is my suggestion box.
  6. Fill in the remaining fields.
  7. Click Send Feedback.


You can browse this article to learn more on the reports you can build in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT): Self-help guide. They’re grouped by topic, so you can view each one in no time.

Additionally, this reference contains resources that will guide you on how to perform any accounting processes in your company file: QBDT get started. From there, you’ll learn how to manage your account, payroll, taxes, process vendor or customer transactions.

Stay in touch if you have other QuickBooks concerns or questions about reports. I’m always ready to lend a helping hand. Have a good one.

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Thank you for this suggestion.  I did what you suggested.  I'm assuming I won't get a direct response but maybe it will be something they update in the future.  

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how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to get the zero balances off a report if using Quickbooks 2022 Desktop version?  It seems that it should be possible but I see no option to exclude the zero balances.  Thanks.  Laura Hayden

QuickBooks Team

how can I get zero balances to drop off reports

I understand the importance of excluding zero balances, Laura., Laura.


Before providing steps to filter the data, may I know what specific report you'd like to run in QuickBooks Desktop? Adding additional details will help us share accurate solutions to achieve this. A screenshot would be a great help too.


I'll keep an eye on your responses. I want to ensure this gets fixed.

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