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How do i add a manual entry to my expenses?

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How do i add a manual entry to my expenses?

What expense are you trying to enter?  And I'm not sure what you mean by manual entry.  Here are a couple of examples that may be along the lines of what you're asking....


If you go into a store and buy a notebook with your Credit Card:   You'd go to your Credit Card account; enter the store Name (if it's not an existing Vendor, QBs will ask you to enter it); enter the Amount; enter Office Supplies as the Expense Account.  And it may not been needed in a simple purchase like this, but don't over look the Memo field so weeks or months later when your Acct. asks what was X purchase for.


If you took a Taxi and paid Cash:  Open your Cash account; enter the Name (I use a generic Other Name of Taxi/Car Service); enter the Amount; enter Travel (or what ever your accountant wants) as the Expense Account; enter the client or reason in the Memo field.


Sorry if that's not what you're looking for.  Give us some more specifics and we'll see what we can do to help.

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