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How do I calculate Stock Basis

Hello all,

I have been running my S-Corp (just me and my wife, I am 100% owner) since 2009. 

I did not invest any money when I started, I did loan to business one time (40k in 2017), and business paid the loan back. All years have been profitable, this is the first year I had a loss to report. Turbotax is asking for Stock basis on form 7203, and the instructions seem all alien to me... 

Does Quickbooks (Desktop + Payroll) have some functionality to calculate my Stock Basis? 


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QuickBooks Team

How do I calculate Stock Basis

Hi there, ckat11.


We're unable to provide such calculations in QBDT Payroll. However, you may check reports like your balance sheet or inventory reports. I also recommend checking with your accountant, so they can help you with the calculation. You can find a ProAdvisor near you. 


On the other hand, I found this article on the IRS website: S Corporation Stock and Debt Basis. You might need it.


If you have other questions in mind, feel free to go back to this thread.

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How do I calculate Stock Basis



The loan is irrelevant for computing your stock basis.  If you have your previously issued K-1s, that will help.


Here is a great explanation by the IRS on how to calculate S-corp stock basis:

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