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How to make a customer inactive

Best answer December 10, 2018

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How to make a customer inactive

Right-click on it, then on "Make Customer:Job Inactive."

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Level 7

How to make a customer inactive

Right-click on it, then on "Make Customer:Job Inactive."

QuickBooks Team

How to make a customer inactive

Original answer by @Lexiesmemere


Right-click on it, then on "Make Customer:Job Inactive."

Level 1

How to make a customer inactive

I followed your instructions --- to right-click and then make inactive --- no luck.

Then, I opened the customer account and clicked "edit". Then clicked "Make inactive". I received two messages:

1) "balance. Making this customer. inactive will cause an adjusting transaction to be created." I clicked "Yes, make inactive and received a 2nd message

2) "This customer cannot be deleted because it is used on a recurring template."  


I"m unable to get past this point and undo recurring template.

How do I make customer inactive.  Right-clicking gets me nothing.

Thanks.  Ken Zeh


How to make a customer inactive

You're on the right track in inactivating a customer, @Ken Zeh. 


Let's edit your recurring template and remove your customer from the group so you can make your customer inactive and manage them accordingly in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


When customers are part of an active memorized transaction, the system won't let you inactivate them. With this, you'll have to remove them from the list or group. To do this, here's how:


  1. From the Lists menu, select Memorized Transaction List.
  2. Find the recurring template and highlight the name of the customer.
  3. Right-click and select Delete Memorized Transaction.
  4. Click OK to confirm.


Once you're done, go back to the Customer Center and inactivate your customer.


In case the issue persists, you may have a minor data issue with your company file. With this, I'd recommend utilizing the Rebuild Data tool. It's a built-in tool that can help automatically fix data issues with your company file. To do this, here's how:


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Utilities, then choose Rebuild Data.
  3. On the QuickBooks Information window, select OK. Follow the onscreen steps to save a backup.
  4. Let the tool repair your file. It may take some time.
  5. When the tool finishes, select OK.
  6. Go to the File menu.
  7. Select Utilities, then choose Verify Data.
  8. Let the tool check your file for data issues.


In case the issue persists, continue performing the recommended solutions in this article, starting with Solution 2Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


On the other hand, you'll also want to ensure your QBDT software is updated to the latest release. This way, we can guarantee the program is running with the newest fixes and patches.


Once everything is all set, you may also want to check out one of our Help pages as your reference to guide you in managing your company's income and customers in QBDT: Sales and customers help for QuickBooks Desktop. It includes topics about managing customers, sales transactions, payments, and customizing sales forms, to name a few.


If you have other concerns about managing invoices and income transactions in QBDT, I'm always ready to help. Take care, and I wish you continued success, @Ken Zeh.

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