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How to write check for item posted as expenditure?

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QuickBooks Team

How to write check for item posted as expenditure?

Glad to see you here, @traenwkal.


I’d be delighted to help walk you through writing checks for your expenses. 


To start with, there are two ways to record your check in QuickBooks Online. If you choose to write a check, it restricts you from choosing other bank type accounts. While, if you choose to record an expense, you’ll be able to choose from any bank account and any current asset type account, including credit card accounts. 


Via write checks window:

  1. Click the Plus Icon.
  2. Choose Check.
  3. Select the Payee.
  4. Specify the Bank Account where the money will be withdrawn.
  5. Complete the check details.
  6. Click Save and Close.

To enter a check by creating an expense, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Plus Icon.
  2. Select Expense.
  3. Choose the specific Payee or the vendor’s name.
  4. Select the Bank/Credit account to which to credit this expense.
  5. Enter the date of purchase in the Expense/Payment date field.
  6. Specify the Payment method for the expense.
  7. Select the Accounts to use for the transaction.
  8. Complete the details of the Expense transaction.
  9. Click Save and close or Save and new.

That would do it! This should get you on the right track in recording your expense transactions.


Feel free to click the Reply button if you have other questions about managing your income and expense transactions. I’m always here to help.

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